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Restructuring and redundancy question

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somebloke123 Wed 28-Nov-12 11:21:52

As part of a cost-cutting exercise we are undergoing a "restructure".

My question really is by what criteria can you be made redundant?

As I understand it, for this to be possible your job must cease to exist; the work must no longer be there.

One example might be if your field of expertise is in some technology that is no longer needed, which is why we don't have punched card reader operatives any more.

Another might be is your company is downsizing and can only afford to employ 4 widget designers instead of 6.

That's clear enough.

But what if they just tweak the job descriptions, maybe heighten the criteria in terms of experience, and give the job a new name, even though it is in reality basically the same job. Is that sufficient to be able to make the present incumbent redundant?

If so, it would mean that no one had any job security since all an employer would have to do would be to rename their job and pitch the necessary experience to be higher than the person presently doing it.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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