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Should I take voluntary exit?

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MrsWhirling Wed 21-Nov-12 18:21:32

Hi thanks for replying,
I should have said this is my 2nd DC and I have just began my maternity leave which is 6 months at full pay.
You make a good point which I hadn't considered about the first set of offers being better etc. I guess I need to me a bit braver, I have been with my employer for 18 years and feel very scared of leaving and entering the job seekers market out there!! x

LaCiccolina Wed 21-Nov-12 16:57:39

Well I've been redunded twice. It can b liberating to b honest. Both times if been at a firm 5yrs so pay out was ok.

Often if a first round firms are generous. Mostly to avoid neg press. By third round everyone's had enough and money gets tighter. If choosing ur poss best off in first round. They don't have to accept u tho, depends how necessary ur role is and with mat leave how keen to do. It's easy to make a new mum redundant, just again depends if they think they will get neg press over it.

How long off were u hoping for? I think that's the thing. U might get enuf for 6mths. Depends on service/performance/like ability. Choosing to go u may have to sign a non disclosure agreement so u don't tell anyone at the firm wot u got or sue, or b neg anywhere else about them.

If its time for a change go for it. Life's already altered for u hasn't it?

MrsWhirling Wed 21-Nov-12 16:48:01

Bloody typical - One week into my maternity leave my company announce they will allow 800 employees to apply for voluntary exit!

I feel really torn as I feel that had I not been weeks away from birth I would be confident enough to apply with the knowledge that I would have the time and mental capacity to look and find another job but with a new born baby, I am really not sure.

They have also annouced that they will need to lose a further 1,480 posts in 2015/16 - how that will happen I am not sure.

I think my company's going to rat shit and I could do with a lump sum but cannot afford to be a SAHM and would need to find a job.

Any experience/advice/general comments would be appreciated xxx

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