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redundancy 1 week before c-section !!

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mia1972 Sat 21-Jul-12 23:56:16

Hello ladies, i am not sure what advice you are able to give me but I guess I need let it all out now...

I work for a big company that is not doing very well, and they recently announced another big round of cuts. I have started my maternity leave and due to have a section in a week's time. It turns out that the consultation has started and that they are cutting my team entirely, the line of work I do is not see as a priority at the moment.

They are seeing if they can find me an alternative - which means that it would be a job that is not what I normally do or feel particularly attracted to if that fails then it's redundancy. They would pay my maternity and a redundancy package that collectively would see me through approx 1 year if I am careful with money.

The question is, try to push for an alternative job for the sake of security and think about this when i go back ? Or take the money and start looking for another job in about 6/7 months? I think going back to a scaled down team that is only 40% of what is used to be is not an attractive proposition ...but what if I don't find another job in time ?

I know that either option is a lucky option in this day and age but I still feel quite daunted at the prospect. It's my first child, I have tried for years and I am 40, the last thing I wanted to do now is to worry about work ...but here we go...

What is the best solution for this ? how hard it is to look for a job with a small child ?

Thanks in advance, Mia

LadyJH Sun 22-Jul-12 17:16:56

My advice would be to take the cash now and run. If the company is in trouble now, heaven knows what the situation will be like in 12 months. There may be no money left for a decent redundancy package and you might get the absolutely minimum they have to give you. Good luck!

Miller1977 Wed 01-Aug-12 19:54:16

I would ask as few questions. How much of an impact do the redundancies have on the business? Is it a good company to work for? Have you got a good boss?

I think if you like your job and the company its worth staying because there aren't many jobs around where you get this.

I think it is more difficult to get a job with kids, although it depend if you want to work full time or not? If your current company offers flexible working, perhaps another reason to stick with them?

HoleyGhost Wed 01-Aug-12 20:07:20

Depends on a lot of things - but consider how tough it will be doing interviews in a sleep deprived haze. Also, how hard it is establishing your reputation with a new employer with the same and when your child is catching every bug for the first time.

HoleyGhost Wed 01-Aug-12 20:10:17

The real problem is one you won't think will happen to you - so many of us lose confidence in ourselves when we have babies. Motivation is rooted in confidence - that is why it can be good to return to the same employer, where you know the ropes.

Coleminer Wed 01-Aug-12 22:01:00

Take the job you should be entitled to a four week trial and you can always resign later if it's not for u x

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