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Redundancy on maternity leave

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sazzledazzle35 Sat 21-Jul-12 22:30:52

Need someone to help me clarify something if possible.
Last November whilst 12 weeks pregnant I was placed on redeployment as my job role and my department was being closed due to funding.
during the next few months until I started my leave in april 2012 i had various meetings with HR and was offered a role with a seriously reduced salary and hours (nearly 60% cut from my original job).
I declined this role and started my leave hoping that something more suitable would come along over the next year.
Having had numerous conversations with my employer it has come to light that nothing else will become available on my current salary and i have spoken about redundancy, which they are happy to let me take.
I have been in my role for 6 years on the 1st of Sept 2012 and my package is worked out to me leaving on the 31st August. The package is fair, they have doubled my standard leave and are allowing me to keep my enhanced maternity package (I work for the local authority so it is far better than most peoples).
My queries are as follows:
My SMP at the basic rate starts on the 19th August and would be paid until January, my employer has told me that they wont pay me this and I need to claim it as a benefit, I am under the impression that unless they are in recievership I am still entitiled to this payment, quite significant as almost £2000.
Can I take my SMP in a lumpsum as part of my redundancy package, is it worth me negociating this into it?
I could if needs be take my redundancy payment in January 2013 and still get my smp as normal but i'd rather have it now and be free to look for a new position when i want rather than having to wait.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated as i work in education and my HR will be going on summer break next week and i need to get back to her with my final decision........
Thanks in advance!

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