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Consultation period

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burleyburley Mon 23-Apr-12 17:46:43

I was told I was being made redundant on the 3 April. I have only worked for the company for a year and I am the only person being made redundant. The citizens advice bureau said I would be entitled to a 30 day consultation period. However my work say this is not the case and will only allow 3 weeks. Apparently because they are making less than 20 people redundant the 30 days does not apply.

I know it's only a week but that weeks pay will make quite a difference! Does anyone know what I am entitled to?

The three weeks they have allowed me to take I already had booked off for my wedding and honeymoon, so not the best time for thinking about alternatives!

Thanks in advance

lizzywig Tue 26-Jun-12 12:04:51

I could be wrong but what does your contract say? If it says you have a 4 week notice period then I think they have to pay you 4 weeks notice. If you can't find out about this then go over to money saving expert forums, there are lots of people posting similar questions and some very knowledgable people.

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