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Voluntary Severance - Lighthearted - how to make sure I'm accepted?

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Piffpaffpoff Thu 05-Apr-12 18:49:54

Brilliant! Congratulations.

SneakyBiscuitEater Thu 05-Apr-12 13:44:17

Thanks all I'm enjoying a sneaky snickers and considering an early dart home in a bit grin

Tiago Thu 05-Apr-12 13:04:37


zandy Thu 05-Apr-12 13:02:30

Well done. Enjoy your new life.

SneakyBiscuitEater Thu 05-Apr-12 12:48:39

GOT IT grin

Seaside art business here we come.

Glad it worked out well for you piff

<Skips to chocolate vending machine to treat self>

Piffpaffpoff Thu 05-Apr-12 12:27:08

Fingers crossed for you. I was in your situation and basically wrote a version of the first two sentences of your last paragraph in the OP on my application form. And it worked!!

SneakyBiscuitEater Thu 05-Apr-12 12:22:10

Email back from HR to say they posted a letter yesterday to my home address.

Just text messaged DH to ask if the post had been and he says the postman is at the end of our street.

<Runs to staff loo for a nervous wee>

SneakyBiscuitEater Thu 05-Apr-12 11:54:14

Still no news. Just going to email HR to see when I can expect to find out. The severance docs all say Friday the 6th is the latest date to find out - but that is a bank holiday so will it be today or Tuesday???

SneakyBiscuitEater Wed 04-Apr-12 13:45:12

Thanks for the replies.

No news yet.

If I get a severance pay out we can move over Summer and let the house take as long as it likes to sell. We are moving to the seaside where I grew up and are going to start a non-residential art course. I can't wait to get going with it but if I don't get the payout we will have to sell the house first to get the funds to start the business.

Big lifestyle change and more time with the kids, fingers crossed. [Grin]

Grumpla Wed 04-Apr-12 12:33:39

Become a not so sneaky biscuit eater and spray crumbs at people?

Hope you get the result you're after!

HJisoffwork Wed 04-Apr-12 12:32:13

Good luck smile

SneakyBiscuitEater Wed 04-Apr-12 11:39:58

This is like a very boring poas thread but without the 2 min timescale blush

SneakyBiscuitEater Wed 04-Apr-12 11:34:40

Well the decision was made by the committee yesterday based on recommendations from the sub-group last week. I am now waiting to hear.

I guess some poor admin bod is typing letters as we speak. Apparently I should hear by the end of the week.

I have my line manager and dean onside but I have no idea what the Vice Chancellor's Executive group will have used as criteria.

I will just have to wait. The trouble is I'm no good at waiting. Am currently having a brew and trying to look nonchalant whilst refreshing my email every 2 seconds.

Will take a trip to the post room after lunch to see if there is a letter.

SneakyBiscuitEater Thu 15-Mar-12 21:24:51

I have a meeting a week tomorrow with my Dean of school in an attempt to persuade her to support my voluntary severance. I have heard whispers that the committee may be thinking about getting rid of folks that are near to retirement. But the Dean's reccommendation will carry significant weight.

So any ideas as to what I can do in the meantime to seal the deal?

My DM suggested I express in the middle of the canteen rather than in my office, but I think that will make me bullet proof. I spoke to a colleague and said I was going to try being as incompetent as possible but he thought I'd get promoted.

(The severance pay would let me start a business and spend some time with the kids. I have been very Ill over the last two years and would love to downsize. So I really want this and am just being silly to pass the time)

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