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Do I have to do work if I'm going at end of march

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Chippychop Sun 04-Mar-12 23:16:00

I've just found out I 'm being made redundant at the end of the month
. Thereafter i'll be a sahm for the foreseeable. There's loads I need todo to prepare for being unemployed, restructure finances, get a cv, research 'what next'... Can I do this in the next month during work time? I mean what are they going to do ? I wfh if that matters

Kendodd Mon 05-Mar-12 15:01:15

I think your employer has a duty to provide reasonable help to find another job and give you the time to do this. This is only based on having to make some people redundant myself, I'm not any sort of an expert. So, I would go to your employer and ask about this, also check with Unison, their website might offer some advice.

Good luck

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