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Denied redundancy when I desperately wanted it.

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Galwaymummy Wed 15-Feb-12 19:59:15

I returned to work after maternity leave and shortly after I had a very stressful time at work. My line manager and maternity cover were both shockingly incompetent. To make a long story short, I had to pick up the pieces. I was strongly discouraged and unsupported in putting through an application for redundancy as the other two may have stepped into my role. A year later, I regret not pushing this and have had a miserable time, and feel nothing but stressed and angry. In my own defence, I was too overwhelmed at the time. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do now. I really need to leave my job as it is affecting me badly and want to start up my own counselling practice so could use the start up money. Its also a long commute.

hairytaleofnewyork Tue 10-Apr-12 05:14:34

You havent made clear whether your employer is askin for voluntary redundancies. Is it?

SparkleSoiree Tue 10-Apr-12 05:27:35

I thought redundancy was only an option if your role was no longer needed as decided by the business in advance?

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