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Can I take out mortgage protection plan AFTER company takeover in case of reduncancy?

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titchy Fri 09-Dec-11 11:23:48

You could - but I suspect one of the questions you would have to answer would be along the lines of 'Do you have any reasons to suspect you may be made redundant in the future?' Obviously you do have reason to suspect this... To asnwer 'No' puts you at risk of the claim not being accepted, so you'd have wasted your premiums.

reallytired Fri 09-Dec-11 11:18:04

I can't see why not. You have not yet been formally threatened redunancy, its just speculation. Many people spend most of their life at risk of redunancy. I think mortgage or credit card protection would be a good idea.

30 days before any redunancy takes place your employer would have to send you a section 118 letter outlining the redunancy critera. Positions are made reduant rather than people. If you are in the reduancy pool then you will be interviews and a points system should be used to decide who stays and who goes. Your employer can use any criteria they like provided its not sexist, ageist or racist.

lechatnoir Fri 09-Dec-11 11:00:47

Sorry for the long title but as it says, my company announced it has sold to a larger firm and we're all waiting to hear what will happen but I suspect I will be made redundant if not immediately then at some point within the year. Can I take out mortgage protection policy now or is it too late? There has been no actual talk of redundancy but obviously a take-over does make this much more likely.

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