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Made redundant and the drama of it

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MaMattoo Wed 28-Sep-11 19:54:35

Went through a dodgy redundancy situation at work which started in July. I was sent a letter of being 'at risk' 10 days after I came off from maternity leave. The criteria for putting me in the at risk pool were to do with my inactivity during mat leave. They hired a new person to do my job but started in sept permanently so it did not appear to dodgy right away. 2 stages of the process and I was made out to look like a pathetic, lazy ass non-achiever, mainly by my boss and a colleague who hates me for a long list of reasons (none logical). She too was in the pool with me to show fairness and ofcourse came out at some point of the at risk pool. Being the only nonwhite person in the pool to be made compulsorily redundant meant there was discrimination somewhere.

So I sat and cried when I found out, 3 months of stress, anxiety and plain despair had driven me and husband nuts. So I went back to work with some courage, walked into line managers office and threatened him with legal action for doing multiple things wrongly. Being the only woman of childbearing age in this situation to be dismissed was pointed out.
Since I was now hopping mad I walked into line manager's boss's office and gave him he'll too, nothing to lose, had been fired anyway being my rationale. Much finger shaking and threats later i walked out and cried in the loo.
3 hours later I had both fellows come back to me seriously to tell me that a pot of funding had been made available and that I had my job back!!!! Really! Just like that. They gave it to me in writing as well. So I am ok.

Sorry for the length of this. Hell hath no fury like a mother who is wronged. I wanted to share this with anyone out there in post mat leave redundancy situation. Be brave! Go to citizens advice bureau and the maternity alliance! Fight back!
goes away to sit quietly and smirk

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