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DH told salary will drop is this a suitable alternative employement ?

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Babieseverywhere Sat 09-Jul-11 10:22:08

Long story sorry.

Redundancy situation at my husbands work and they have told DH that his current role no longer exists.

DH has been told by HR that he must take up an alternative role and that this alternative role is his job, as it is all his current duties. So they want him to do the same job but with an unknown salary hmm

DH has been advised verbally by his boss that this new role is likely to come back a grade lower as they need to save money, which is a minimum drop of £200 per month in his pay packet, which would be impossible for us to absorb.

DH has objected to taking up this role as he has no information regarding salary/grade of this job and is waiting to hear back from HR.

HR said legally they can drop him two pay grades and if they deem it suitable alternative employment he must do it.

ACAS said if the drop in salary was enough to affect us, it was enough grounds to object to. (Which it would i.e. If forced into the new job, DH would be unable to travel to work as we have a very tight budget and spend £250/£300 per month in petrol for DH to commute to work.)

DH is looking for local work of course and if he finds another job in the meantime all is well smile

His work asked for people to put themselves forward to be made redundant and DH applied for voluntary redundancy but was told verbally by his boss that DH will never get it as he is needed too much. Nice to hear, shame the money is in question if he is needed so much.

DH will be told the salary in the next couple of weeks, if it comes back as his current salary great but if it comes back at the lower salary what can we do if anything ?

We would have to borrow £200 per month to keep DH working and the house going, which is impossible for us to do. DH couldn't quit his job as he would of made himself redundant and we would get no help/benefits until he got another job, yet if we can not afford for him to work what do we do ? Are his work potentially allowed to drop his salary for the same duties ?

StealthPolarBear Mon 11-Jul-11 13:28:08

grin glad to hear that. When will he find out from work

Babieseverywhere Mon 11-Jul-11 14:08:25

DH should get the results of his appeal against being forced accepting this 'new' job without knowing salary next week or so.

DH should also find out what grade the 'new' job is going to be assigned next week also.

If the grade comes back good we are happy smile

If it isn't good when he'll have to re-object to their kind offer to work his arse off for less money in this 'new' job, on the basis of that the salary is too low.

DH will also object as this job IS his old job under the 1986 Wages Act and therefore can not take a reduction in wage.

Babieseverywhere Thu 25-Aug-11 11:21:07

Quick catchup. DH spoke to his boss's boss and when DH asked what had happened to his appeal, the answer was nothing as it was lost and never made it to HR hmm

They had a chat, turns out the new job grade came back over two grades lower than the management expected ! i.e. This new job came back lower graded than the team DH would continue to manage, how stupid.

The management appealed HR decision and another grade will be assigned tomorrow. So fingers crossed that it comes back at the original grade. They really are idiots, just pluck a grade out of the air, no idea what DH does day in and day out. Apparently the technical skills, aspects of his job description are ignored as far as grading is concerned. Not good news for a technical management role.

minibmw2010 Sun 04-Sep-11 17:06:48

Any update? Hope it was good news

Babieseverywhere Sun 04-Sep-11 20:54:07

No news yet, will moan update when we get some news.

Babieseverywhere Thu 08-Sep-11 14:57:42

Bollocks came back a grade lower...bollock, bollock, bollock. angrysad

Plus DH's car broke and we have to magically mend it as DH needs to rush back to this poxy job that will soon ruin us sad My car broke last month and as we have yet to find the money to mend it, he can't take mine so he is having to take a day off work.

Oh least he gets a day to job hunt whilst his car is being mended.

DH works so hard, he does not deserve this crap. His appeal is still 'lost'. They haven't bothered to answer his polite question, whether this new job IS his old job or is it a replacement job as his current position has gone on redundant. This answer would make a difference to the next appeal he has to send to them.

I suggested he sends both appeals and lets them sort it out.

1. Basically if this is my job, you can't cut salary due to 1986 wage acts
2. If this is a replacement job, I reject this position as it is a lower grade and salary than my current position and this would make us homeless leave us in a financially bad situation.

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