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Help please - What happens during a redundancy consultation?

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DisgruntledDogooder Mon 30-May-11 21:29:34

Please help this namechanger. I work in the third sector and the organisation I have given 10 years to announced 2 weeks ago that it's proposing to close our office, without telling us why ours was picked out of a good number around the country.

We are now in a 30 day consultation period and I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing, because there is no rationale to question. I have a feeling that higher-uppers hope that we will just feel bamboozled, roll over and take it.

If you are consulting staff on the loss of their jobs, are there certain steps you need to take, or do you simply say "You have 30 days to convince us not to" and then sit back and watch them wring their hands and beg?

Of course there is a lot more I want to say, but despite everything I am still fiercely loyal to this charity and want to protect its reputation. It would be great to hear from someone who has taken staff through, or better still, issued, a formal consultation period before making staff redundant.

Yours hopefully... Thank you.

DisgruntledDogooder Mon 30-May-11 21:50:57

Not-terribly-hopeful bump...

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