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urgent advice needed: on maternity leave - restructure and relocations of jobs......

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Emmz0 Tue 01-Mar-11 22:55:04


Really need some advice. I'm on maternity leave and have been informed that our department is going to be restructuring and all jobs will be relocated unless they can be justified.

there will be a consultation period where all staff are invited to set criteria for justification. Do i have to attend as my baby is ill and cant go.

What are my rights on this whole situation?

Does the rule about not discriminating in the 1st 6 months apply?

Do redundancy package and rules apply for cases where jobs are relocated?

Also how does this affect my maternity pay as I'm on company maternity pay which is more enhanced then government one. It requires me to fulfil some conditions but I can only fulfil those conditions if i'm at work!!!


Finbar Tue 01-Mar-11 23:00:47

I know this is my usual response in situations like this - but do give ACAS a call. Their help line is free adn they are open in the evenings and parts of the weekend as I recall.
I think you actually should have slightly more protection as a person on mat leave - but check it out with them. Also the Direct Gov website is very good at detailed stuff like maternity pay.

Relocation is often a tricky thing - boiling down to what is written in your contract, what the company's policy is and what is considered reasonable.

YOu have the right not to be discriminated on the grounds of gender from day one.

I hope it all works out for you - but keep a calm head and work through each of the issue you have outlined in your post.

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