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Redundancy jeopardy! Need to look for a new job. When should I tell prospective employers I'm pregnant? During the interview?!

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Suze333 Thu 10-Mar-11 19:35:01

Hey daimbardiva, only just seen your post - I hope you've seen some vacancies to apply for since you wrote. I am hanging on at work, hoping that the company I work for survives the crucial next month, which is make or break apparently. Erk....stressful isn't it?

Flowery, thanks for your post, I agree that I think it's probably better not to mention it in an interview. I have since learnt that legally you don't have to say, and it is illegal for a prospective employer to ask. It all feels a bit uncomfortable though - and I'm not sure I would be able to conceal it now anyway, stomach-wise...! smile

daimbardiva Tue 22-Feb-11 16:12:38

Suze333 you are in exactly the same position as I am (except I'm only 9 weeks) and I have no idea what to do. However, the problem may not arise for me as I can't even see any jobs to apply for in my field...hmm

flowery Sun 13-Feb-11 12:12:18

No company is allowed to discriminate, large or small, whatever industry.

I wouldn't tell them tbh. At least not until you have received an offer, as it seems you have reason to believe employers you are applying to are less than reliable in terms of legal requirements.

Suze333 Sun 13-Feb-11 12:07:38

The company I work for has just had a round of redundancies and there is a chance it may go into liquidation in a few months, so I need to look for a new job. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and really unsure about how to deal with the interview process when looking for another role.

When should I tell prospective employers I'm pregnant? I can't help feeling that most employers would be loathe to hire someone they will have to replace in a few months, however good they are.

Obviously there are some large companies who have to keep up a quota of non-discriminatory practices, but the industry I work in doesn't conform to that (a creative industry with lots of freelancers, pretty male dominated). I currently have a permanent contract which includes maternity leave and would hope to look for another, but feel pessimistic about the whole situation......

Anyone been through this?

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