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new redundancy - please advise!

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NicknameTaken Tue 08-Feb-11 11:53:53

Just told on Friday that I'll be made redundant in May. Don't think I'll be able to negotiate much. My org says you get a week for every full year served, which means three weeks, plus any holiday pay. How do you negotiate redundancy pay? My job is going, so what leverage do I have when negotiating? "Give me more money or....I won't go?"

I'm separated from my ex, who has never given me any money, but who does pay for childcare two days a week. I have one DD, aged 3. I'm reluctant to disturb this, because it will give me time to study (I'm doing a part-time PhD, which I intend to continue as it gives me a shot at work in my field long term) and job-hunt, but I've no idea how I will make it work financially.

I'm not happy about all the circumstances of the redundancy. I think my boss has been edging towards it for a long time, withholding positive feedback when it was due and excluding me from work/social discussions with colleagues. Not sure if it's actionable though, and it may be a bad idea to burn bridges with the biggest employer in my small town.

Part of me is excited at spending more time wtih DD, and being able to follow up with some personal projects like writing. A lot of me is terrified at the financial aspects.

Words of wisdom/advice very welcome.

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