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On risk - wwyd??

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seimum Fri 04-Feb-11 14:04:31

If you hate your current job and can manage with less money, then go for the PT job - you have nothing to lose.

If you end up with both jobs, then you can decide at that point which one you really want.

AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 03-Feb-11 16:38:53

I've just been put on risk and will find out by the end of the month if I'm in or out.

I've started to look for jobs just to see what's around and found one today, part-time and in a school with nothing in the job spec I can't do. So I'm going to apply for it. What do I have to lose? Interviews are on 3 March so I'll know one way or the other by then.

If I get it then it'll be a drop in salary (massively I would imagine) but would mean I'd have afternoons free to spend with DS who doesn't got to school until Sept 2012.

DH says to go for it and we'll manage.

If I keep my job here, I will be promoted and so have a salary increase (to around £25k I should think). But being put on risk has made me realise just how much I hate this job and how unhappy I am.

I've read lots of other posters saying redundancy was the kick up the arse they needed and perhaps it would be the same for me.

So underneath all this rambling i suppose my question is:

1. Apply for the pt job?
2. If I get it and keep this job, do I quit anyway for better work/life balance and happiness?

WWYD? Anyone been in the same position and can offfer me words of wisdom...?

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