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So fed up, more job losses at DH's school.

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lostinwales Tue 18-Jan-11 10:19:58

DH is a primary school teacher, brilliant one if you listen to the children and parents in his school. Last year a week after a brilliant Estyn (Welsh ofstead) inspection the staff were given letters saying one teacher post and ten LSA's would need to be made redundant, voluntary or otherwise. We found out eventually DH was the one teacher but due to having a brilliant union rep the school back tracked and he now works three days a week teaching science throughout the junior school (he was a biochemist before his PGCE)

I took up the extra hours working more in my job (which I had planned to anyway as DS3 was starting school). I was on the bank for our trust as my boss suggested it would be easier after having DS3, but I worked every shift asked of me in three years and had work booked up until march this year. In December he phoned and told me the next day would be my last for the foreseeable future due to funding cuts.

Yesterday DH got called into school on his day off to be handed a letter saying they would be making more redundancies in the next terms to be implemented from Sept '11. I have had enough, we have had the 6 months of hell that was Estyn/Ofstead, 6 months of worry about redundancy, I lost my job and now we have another 6 months of worry about redundancy again. What the hell do the goverment expect people like us to do? We have worked hard all our lives and now have three beautiful DS to care for. I am in tears again, it's just too much.

Sorry for the long post, I can't bore my friends AGAIN with all this shit, it's all they have heard form me for 12 months, it's just complete bollocks isn't it?

bellabelly Tue 18-Jan-11 10:24:55

It is complete bollocks. Sorry, no useful advice but just wanted to say that youwon't be "boring" your friends, of course you mustn't feel that way. That's what friends are for. Hope you get some good news soon.

Starbear Tue 18-Jan-11 10:26:29

lostinwales What can I say sad Had a long chat with my best friend she has just lost her job too! I really don't know what this government are up to? AND they want our children to compete with the rest of the world in education, read at 18 months and an qualified by engineer by 14 years BUT only if your parents are rich!!!!
My DH is in the NUT as his school's union rep. he expects strike action this year but I can't see how that will change this goverments view point! Who bloody voted them in!

lostinwales Tue 18-Jan-11 10:46:42

Thanks for the replies, I really needed to vent, I can't rant at DH because a) he's heard it all before and b) I don't want him to feel bad about something he can do very little about.

I honestly don't know what can be done at the moment. I'm not blaming our government as they inherited this sorry mess, but the bankers and greedy people who created this have a lot to answer for and yet don't seem to be suffering. DH's council invested a lot of money in Icelandic banks on the previous Governments advice. Why nobody high up in finance stopped to think 'if it's too good to be true...' Six years ago we were offered a mortgage of six times our salaries and I laughed and said no as I could see the repayments would be impossible and I've had no financial training, why couldn't the 'clever' bankers see the same?

Starbear Tue 18-Jan-11 11:42:05

Lostinwales Yep! It all appeared to be logical and you are right our leaders don't seems to be very clever people BUT on the other hand they haven't lost they jobs or income (or have other jobs to go to just as well paid.) I watched a programme on this subject,if the analysts told their bosses the truth they would have been fired so they told their bosses what they want to hear. Betting on people they knew couldn't pay their mortage was a very wicked thing to do. & the maths they did was as worse than my CSE grade 4 But they aren't in jail, they should be.
AND WHY was saving money given such poor interest rates and Why when you saved in an ISA or Endowment you lost money ohhhh! it makes my blood boil. Must go and check on my soup!

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