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Jobseekers then applied for materninty allowance found out today will not get it as 4 weeks short of qualifying period....

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Scruffyhound Sat 15-Jan-11 22:39:02

Im feeling very fed up today as just found out Im not going to get materninty allowance. I was laid off on May 2010 and then had my own house and was living as a single parent. (I have worked since I was 15 im now 33 and have never until now been out of work). I claimed income support from May but was still looking for work. I then found out a short period after that I was pregnant (I know not a good time stupid was not planned! I have been seeing my partner for 3 yrs now and he come up every weekend as we lived 2 hours away). In the mean time I tried to sell my house it would not sell. It came to the point of needing to live together for the baby on the way. The only way around it was to rent my house out at £100 loss. So when I moved in with partner (which we rent) I told the job center and said can I go onto jobseekers explaining I was pregnant. This was September. I have always looked for job im now 28 weeks preg and was told to apply for Materninty Allowance. I rang up 3 times to make sure it was all ok and I had done everything right people said that would be fine I get a letter today saying I have not worked for 26 weeks during my qualifying period (I was 4 weeks short) so I dont get any! Despite always working before this point Im so fed up and upset as I dont know what to do or how we will afford anything Im really stressed and dont want this. I have one DS who is 5yrs and I want to go back to work about 4 -6 months after baby is born as I went back to full time work when my DS was only 2 months I did no want to (forced by ex husband) ended up with post nantal depression and off sick for a bit then was told by medical staff its better to get a part time job (which I wanted in the first place!) I really am fed up after everything last year I have had enough can anyone help? sad

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