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Dilemma? About to go through redundancy, do I tell my employer I'm pregnant?

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Lauri22 Wed 02-Mar-11 13:35:21

I would tell them about your pregnancy. It raises the bar for the level of objectivity which they have to demonstrate through the process - they might think twice in certain cases like pregnancies. Also, if things don't go your way then it puts you in a stronger position and you could get more compensation.

Suze333 Sun 13-Feb-11 11:50:17

Hey, I don't know if things have been resolved for you by now (have just seen this post) but I was in a very similar situation.

The company I work for announced that it was going to make a sweep of redundancies when we all returned from our christmas break. I was then about 6 weeks pregnant, and, like you, was very unsure about the advantages/disadvantages of telling them.

I took advice - my sister is a lawyer and asked a colleague who works in employment law - and was told that it would be to my advantage to tell them: the company have more of a responsibility to keep you or find you an alternative role. If they kick you out, you have grounds to seek compensation (although it's not guaranteed of course).

So the redundancies came and luckily I still have my job (a horrible time - others were not so lucky sad ).
I don't know to what extent them knowing about my pregnancy affected their decision because the process was supposedly down to a specific set of criteria. But I felt stronger knowing that if they did kick me out, I could come back with a case and potentially get some compensation.

NeatFreak Tue 04-Jan-11 19:53:42

I wouldn't tell them. AFAIK you don't have to until much later on (26 weeks? I'm not sure)

talulubell Tue 04-Jan-11 19:46:11

Hi...this is my first post apologies if its a bit long.

I've worked for my current employer for 2 years & 2 months. During which time I have been through 2 rounds of redundancy, it was announced a 3rd was due before Xmas which has now been postponed until new year, I am currently off on my Xmas break due back next Monday.

I've just found out I am 9weeks pregnant & now have the dilemma, do I tell my employer or not?

I work for a building company in a very male orientated environment, who are also not the most equal bunch, I feel if I tell them they'll use it as an excuse to make me redundant. I know they can't legally, but the directors could think up another reason and then say my pregnancy is not the reason, perhaps that my position is no longer needed.

Or do I keep quiet? Not tell anyone I am pregnant, wait until the process is over, (which could be a while remembering the last couple of times) keep fingers crossed I make it through & then announce my good news?

I really don't want to loose my job as I really enjoy it, and don't want to have to look for another while pregnant, would anyone employ me?

I'm really not sure what to do? Has anyone been in a similar situation out there? Any advice welcome!!

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