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Listen again, how can I save something that's on IPlayer?

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yogabird Sun 30-Aug-09 21:23:58

There's a programme that I want to use in a lesson once term starts and it has 2 days left on IPlayer, so it won't be there when I need it. Is there a way of getting it on to my computer or something, does anyone know, please?

yogabird Sun 30-Aug-09 21:45:28


CHOOGIRL Sun 30-Aug-09 22:02:13

Don't think you can. Something to do with copyright. Try contacting BBC to see if they can provide a copy if it is for educational purposes.

WebDude Thu 03-Sep-09 11:45:27

For future reference, assuming it is only audio, and you have a Windows PC, there is some great software called "Total Recorder" (I bought version 4.5 I think, but they're on v6 or later now), which allows for recording audio either from sound sources in PC ("Wave" output which is from RealPlayer, Win Media Player, etc, or any other source listed on your Volume Control panel - double click the speaker symbol in system tray to see all the sliders), or from the "Line In" on the PC (assuming you have 3.5mm speaker, microphone and line in sockets).

I went for the level above entry, because you can then schedule it to record programmes (I had audio from DAB radio going in, so I could record off BBC 7). It can capture pretty much anything, and then when you put the sound image up on screen, you can save selected bits (or delete selected bits, eg adverts off a commercial station).

It can even start up something like RealPlayer and then start recording, so I was able to set it to record off a station in Chicago at 5am UK time (an 11pm show on their station).

As for a past BBC programme, sorry, their restrictions make it pretty awkward for anything over 7 days (except they sometimes 'forget' that when they choose to, and have podcasts of interviews or particular shows like one on bullying, available for months).

yogabird Sat 05-Sep-09 21:27:21

oooh! Thank you lots grin

brassick Fri 30-Oct-09 20:39:55

You can get a programme that enables you to download and keep iPlayer programmes here. Bit techy, but if you get it to work, it's great.

There is no time limit on the download, once you've done it, it's yours for ever...

(I realise this is a bit late to be of use to the OP, but will hopefully help others)

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