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anyone listening to 5live at mo about gina ford?

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MummyElk Tue 21-Jul-09 23:30:32

rachel burden's on about ten years of gina and what people think...just wondering if anyone's listening?

littlelamb Tue 21-Jul-09 23:31:26

<turns on radio>

gigglewitch Tue 21-Jul-09 23:32:10

no - but will have to know now grin

wonder if swsnbn will sue them hmm for discussing the topic...

littlelamb Tue 21-Jul-09 23:34:26

Am shocked already. Who is the man?? Saying if we attend to every need we will raise a generation of brats and we should say early on that enough is enough shock
What a twunt. I am sleep deprived and insomniac, a lethal combination. I think I should get my self righteous hat on and call in...

gigglewitch Tue 21-Jul-09 23:37:22

go on, ll. do it do it do it grin

MummyElk Tue 21-Jul-09 23:38:41

do it littlelamb, do it!!! think she dealt with him quite efficiently.
did you notice she's sort of avoiding talking specifically about swsnbn? whateverrr

MummyElk Wed 22-Jul-09 00:02:24

did you littlelamb?
I'm off to bed - thought she did a good job. still in awe of the caller who had two sets of twins with a 17 month gap. legend.

littlelamb Wed 22-Jul-09 00:12:23

I lost my nerve and sent a text grin I should have called as ds woke up! I'm sure it would have impressed them to hear him crying in the background blush

gigglewitch Wed 22-Jul-09 00:14:50

pity you missed the opportunity grin
At least you got your pennyworth in!

MummyElk Wed 22-Jul-09 09:11:43

i did the same littlelamb, kept getting angry and dialling 05...then losing my nerve and hanging up!!

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