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Adam and Joe fans???

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wintera Sun 07-Jun-09 11:32:57

Just wondering if anyone else loves Adam and Joe and bbc6? If you do then you will know what this means . . . . . STEPHEN!!!!!!!!!!

bea Sat 13-Jun-09 22:14:54

we love adam and joe in this house... the bad habits section last week was very very icky and love the margaret mountford song.... not to mention the david bowie voices... had me in stiches!!!!

used to watch them on channel 4 and loved them then! their film spoofs with action dolls were great!

and the podcasts are just perfect as we can just get to listen to the silly banter!!!

policywonk Sat 13-Jun-09 22:22:13

Just coming!

policywonk Sat 13-Jun-09 22:22:52

I also love the Bowie voices

'wozza wozza wozza'

oopsagain Sat 13-Jun-09 22:26:31

i'd forgotten about adam and joe
are they on the radio now.

i remember them as kids' presenters years ago- and then doing those film shows with toys... funnist waas saving private lion- with spaghettis and stuff grin

policywonk Sat 13-Jun-09 22:28:15

They are on the wireless, yes. Digital, mind.

grin at 'Saving Private Lion'

I'm an Adam and Joe bore. Stop me before I do any more catchphrases.

oopsagain Sat 13-Jun-09 22:48:50

do you remembr the enigmatic french film and the Jambon jokes?
it's just out of my memeory somehow and i just cna't remeber it fully.

OMG OMG- swing oyur pants. grin

I jsut remembered that!!!

Oh, wireless, i have one of those internet radios even... techy supremer here grin

,off to find adam and joe on my little black box of tricks grin>

policywonk Sat 13-Jun-09 22:51:16

Hang on a minute. Wasn't 'swing your pants' Trevor and Simon?

Easy mistake to make... grin

policywonk Sat 13-Jun-09 22:52:01

6Music, Saturday mornings, 9 till 12. Very funny, honest.

oopsagain Sat 13-Jun-09 22:55:26

omg you're right.
Trevor and simon.

They are funny too.

Adam and joe were the star wars dudes too weren't they?

But, still swingin' ma pants grin

anyway, will look them up

Bad dad was funny too.

<worries that i've now mentioned a morcobme and wise joke grin>

policywonk Sat 13-Jun-09 22:56:54

grinNo, you're alright with Star Wars and Bad Dad.

Wonder what they'd reckon to being confused with Trevor and Simon. Might send an email...

oopsagain Sat 13-Jun-09 23:02:39

classic amateur error methinks grin

oopsagain Sat 13-Jun-09 23:05:44

i am just watching top gun, mainly because i am too full to lean over and get the remote...

But i can't stop thinking about the rich hall description of tom cruise movies...
TC is a top pilot
he's a pretty good pilot,
until he gets a crisis of confidence,
but then a clever woman comes along,
helps him over his crisis of confidence,
and then he's a top pilot again.

workd for other tom cruise movies- that one where hes a racing car driver..
he's a pretty good racing car driver,
but then he gets a crisis of confidence....


policywonk Sat 13-Jun-09 23:15:34


Does it work for the one where he's a cocktail waiter?

Tidey Sat 13-Jun-09 23:17:23

I like to listen to Adam and Joe
But I listen to the podcast, not the live show.


AbricotsSecs Sat 13-Jun-09 23:18:20

Message withdrawn

oopsagain Sat 13-Jun-09 23:19:18

dunno- i actually haven't seen that many tom cruise films... but i suspect it does, smomehow grin

i had a bit of an ambargo on tom cruise and gerard depardeu when i was younger.
I saw alot of stuff like Diva but would refuse to go to gerard film s due to the fact it all looked a bit rural and not so urban and edgy...
So i haven't ever seen a gerard depardu film.

Excpet one where he plays the father of a hired assassin- but i can't remember that one very much... grin

I was strange when young- grin

Tidey Sat 13-Jun-09 23:20:31

Oooh I loved the toy versions of films and TV. Toytanic and Furends were ace.

oopsagain Sat 13-Jun-09 23:29:40

lol, toytanic was good...

policywonk Sat 13-Jun-09 23:30:57

Heh grin Tidey, that jingle is a right ear-worm.

Tidey Sat 13-Jun-09 23:34:20

DS and I are very fond of the Text the Nation jingle, 'It doesn't matter, TEXT!' I play the podcasts in the car and sing along smile

emsiewill Sat 13-Jun-09 23:52:35

I actually emailed my dds an MP3 of the text the nation jingle.I listen to the podcast in the car while driving to/from work, so they have only heard me singing it.

I needed them to hear the full glory of the real thing!

<<ooh, shwah my nipples>>

wintera Tue 16-Jun-09 21:15:16

God the jingles are so catchy aren't they? Love them!

Cool links for you all to enjoy!!

"Wobble board, wobble board, I'm so wobble bored"

"What a beautiful painting of hollyhocks"

bea Wed 17-Jun-09 22:25:45

i've had the lovely pleasure of having my mum down for a couple of days.... thus no need to take the baby on the school run so i've been listening to the podcasts on my ipod on the walk back and i must look a right sight as i'm giggling and guffawing all the way over.... i love them to bits and just think the opening tunes are hilarious .... adam and joe to the theme of indiana jones... hilarious! grin!

bea Wed 17-Jun-09 22:31:07

Margaret Mountford Song classic!

loved the Australia song!!! Thanks Wintera!

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