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Oh no! now they've scrapped Birdsong Radio!

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treacletart Mon 01-Jun-09 23:04:22

What's happened to my DAB?! I loved Birdsong and it was my only recent refuge from the hell of Cbeebies on radio 7 from 5.00am (see separate thread) The world's gone mad.

LightShinesInTheDarkness Mon 01-Jun-09 23:20:25

i have seen that on my DAB but never tuned in - what kind of station is it?

treacletart Mon 01-Jun-09 23:28:29

well it was a very relaxing long loop of birdsong and other rural sounds that made you think you were lying in a meadow. I've heard a few random distant classical instruments on occasion too. It was great to listen to in bed but just as pleasant to have on in the background of my (very urban) kitchen to fantasise about living in a big green space surrounded by trees. BBC article here

chegirl Mon 01-Jun-09 23:31:28

Didnt it replace Oneword? I used to quite like that. It used to play dramas and comedies but then it appeared to only broadcast one programme with a jolly middle class man talking to various arty types.

I turned it on one day and my jolly middle class man had been replaced by birds. Bless him.

LightShinesInTheDarkness Tue 02-Jun-09 00:01:11

Literally just what it said on the tin, then!

I think that would have driven me quietly bonkers!

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