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Where the jiggery is Hugh Dennis?

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policywonk Mon 06-Apr-09 19:17:10

He doesn't seem to be on the Now Show any more. I miss him.

Habbibu Mon 06-Apr-09 19:25:59

Is he maybe just off filming something else? Can't imagine he's given up for good. I guess with TNS they have to put up with the odd clash as they can't record months in advance.

I liked that woman the other week, though. Name and good jokes escape me.

Threadworm Mon 06-Apr-09 19:27:56

I'm not a huge fan of his. I like the fact that he is a bishop's son, though. Not many comedians are.

Habbibu Mon 06-Apr-09 19:29:50

Is he really? They always took the piss out of Tim Westwood for being a vicar's son - and other things.

<spot the ex-Catholic - can never get my head around bishops (openly) having children).

Threadworm Mon 06-Apr-09 19:32:22

I'd like to sart a thread asking (a) which stand-up comedian would you most like to resemble, and (b) which stand-up comedian are you most like?

I'd like to be a mixture of Eddie Izzard and Frankie Boyle, but I fear I'm more of a Woody Allen.

Habbibu Mon 06-Apr-09 19:34:41

In looks or comic stylings?

Threadworm Mon 06-Apr-09 19:37:31

grin comic stylings. I don't look like any of those -- or want to.

Habbibu Mon 06-Apr-09 19:38:50

Mmm. Maybe would like to be like Ross Noble/Noel Fielding, but am more like Dylan Moran. But not drunk.

Threadworm Mon 06-Apr-09 19:41:24

I like Dylan Moran, but can't really imagine him sober. Are you really like him? V v rude to people and hating them all?

I like Ross Noble. Nice hair, nice accent, good improvisation. Can't place N. fielding though.

Habbibu Mon 06-Apr-09 19:45:01

No, actually, but saw him once at edinburgh, and the pedantry and bewilderment struck a chord. Am more of a misanthrope in real life than here!
Mitchell and Webb also - love the Boy Literally Dying of Embarrassment, etc.

Noel Fielding - Might Boosh and genuinely surreal stand-up.

policywonk Mon 06-Apr-09 19:46:53

Really? You don't like him thready?

I like that woman they had on recently - young sounding, was talking about the Boat Race - can't remember name. Can't think straight. Haven't slept properly for a week.

I don't think I'm like any stand-ups, really. Maybe really bad ones. Can't deliver a punchline to save my life - I get all needy and pleading as I approach the end of a joke.

policywonk Mon 06-Apr-09 19:47:57

I saw Dylan Moran live, he was Not Good.

Best comedy show I've ever seen was the Doug Anthony Allstars, way back in the day. Really cried with laughter.

Habbibu Mon 06-Apr-09 19:50:20

Doug Anthony Allstars? Sounds like music hall... What was wrong with DM?

Yes, yes - boat race lady. Will try to find out.

Saw Armstrong and Miller live too - cried laughing. But I do that easily.

Threadworm Mon 06-Apr-09 19:53:03

Well, I'm not really like any stand-up in terms of being actually able to do stand-up -- but more in general attitude to life, etc.

Lol at pedantry and bewilderment. So really, Habbibu, you are David Mitchell with a wodge of added misanthropy?

Habbibu Mon 06-Apr-09 19:54:43

I wish. I can be quite acid tongued, but I never mean it, which is why I never do it on here, as you can't hear tone/see expression, and I hate emoticons.

policywonk Mon 06-Apr-09 20:00:11

What was wrong with DM - I think he was genuinely pissed and not quite able to deliver his act properly. I also don't like the misanthropy. It was like being cornered at a New Year's Eve party by a drunk single man in his forties, possibly embittered at his ex-wife.

Prefer Izzard-style benevolence and silliness.

Habbibu Mon 06-Apr-09 20:01:41

I like the idea of Eddie Izzard, but don't really enjoy his delivery. My weakness is Milton Jones - have a soft spot for shameless puns. Do you like Forty Nights in the Wildebeest?

policywonk Mon 06-Apr-09 20:08:15

Have an idea Milton Jones is on R4, but can't place him.

Threadworm Mon 06-Apr-09 20:16:49

I quite like Milton Jones. Spins bad puns into whole sketches.

Habbibu Mon 06-Apr-09 20:19:05

Wildebeest even better at that, though, threadie - huge set-ups for terrible puns.

Threadworm Mon 06-Apr-09 20:20:41

I don't think I've heard wildebeest.

There is so much good comedy on R4 (and an amount of bad comedy too).

Habbibu Mon 06-Apr-09 20:22:45

It's old-ish - you can still catch it on BBC7 from time to time. If I wasn't scared of torrents I'd download it.

Here is wiki page.

jambutty Mon 06-Apr-09 20:24:44

Also missing Hugh Dennis but as long as Marcus Brigstocke and Mitch Benn are on I can cope.
I wasn't keen on Dylan Moran either - overrated, I thought after seeing him. Same with Eddie Izzard, although I was suffering from hyperemesis when I saw him and just kept thinking "will you STOP wittering on about wearing a frock, I want to be SICK!" Milton Jones annoys me.

bran Mon 06-Apr-09 20:24:49

I would like to be Dara O'Briain or David Mitchell, intelligent, not needlessly unkind and pant-wettingly funny. Sadly I think I'm more of a Marcus Bridgestock, fairly funny but never quite reaching hilarious (although The Museum of Everything is very good) and a bit bitchy against an easy target.

Threadworm Mon 06-Apr-09 20:25:45

R7 is my aural hot water bottle most nights, so I expect I'll catch it sooner or later.

I adore Round the Horne, btw, mentioned in that Wiki)

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