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I really love James O'Brien on LBC - anyone else?

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asdmumandteacher Mon 17-Nov-08 12:09:18

Thats it really - i am off work today as not well and highlight of day is listening to him smilesmile.....

windcutter Mon 17-Nov-08 12:20:59

I guess it's only us then!

asdmumandteacher Mon 17-Nov-08 13:54:46

hey!! At least there are two of us!!!smilesmile

AllBuggiedOut Mon 17-Nov-08 13:58:18

Me too! Although I'm not often around to hear him. Always go to bed with Clive though wink

Spaceman Mon 17-Nov-08 13:58:30

I was thinking the same this morning - I listen to him nearly every day and my children have to as well. I feel a bit bad as I'm always a bit distracted by the radio, but it's my addiction! I agree with almost everything he has to say.

Illhavethisinsize12 Mon 17-Nov-08 14:01:38

fab. always listen to james ob in the car, loved todays topic about marriage.

Spaceman Mon 17-Nov-08 14:21:23

I did - one discussion with a single mum in particular. I thought she was going to get him into a corner at one point, but of course it didn't happen. She just kept on about what a good mum SHE was and couldn't see the bigger picture he was putting across. Twas brill.

asdmumandteacher Mon 17-Nov-08 14:36:44

Don't cha just love the O'B!!

mmmmmm....wish he'd shave his beard off tho!smile

EyeballsintheSky Mon 17-Nov-08 14:40:08

Me too One of the things I will miss about going back to work. I like going back to bed with dd while she has a bottle and a snooze and I drink tea and listen to JO'B. It's a hard life...

asdmumandteacher Mon 17-Nov-08 14:42:01

I podcast him now and listen to him in the evenings (not a big James Whale fan...really liked Iain Lee in that slot)

EyeballsintheSky Mon 17-Nov-08 14:48:05

I don't get to listen all day but I generally manage bits of everyone but especially Clive. I've been listening to him since the dawn of time. In the morning it tends to be last half of Ferrari (although he's a sleazy smug git) and the first half of JO'B. Always take podcasts if I'm away. Am a total LBC addict.

tiredsville Tue 02-Dec-08 18:24:19

I love James O'brien. But yes, wish he would shave the beard off.I would love for once, one of the callers to actually out do him in the gobby stakes. He can be a bit of a know it all ,but he is bloddy funny and has decent intentions.

Your right about Ferrari being a smug git EyeBall.

happynewyeartoall Tue 30-Dec-08 10:31:27

I absolutely love him and I think that he is getting better and better. I often sit there either laughing madly or nodding my head, pure radio genius. I breathed a sigh of relief when he said he would be back after xmas, I was so worried he would leave.

stillenacht Sun 04-Jan-09 19:53:34

Yay!!! He is back tomoro!! Have missed him so much - went to sleep listening to a podcast last night!

(asdmum under new namesmile)

tiredsville Mon 12-Jan-09 22:29:45

Is it me or is Nick Ferrari becoming more and more self righteous? Yuck.

Illhavethisinsize12 Thu 22-Jan-09 14:40:35

not keen on nick ferrari, bit slimy. love jenny and james w i growing on me. hate hate hate jim davison on friday nights.

tiredsville Mon 02-Feb-09 10:38:43

Bloody Hell, James O'Brien is off for 2 weeks angry angry I'm having a shitty day today, this is the cherry on the cake angry

Eve4Walle Wed 18-Feb-09 13:01:21

James O'Brien is getting better - he's a bit self righteous sometimes and it annoys me when he calls overweight people 'fatty fatty fat fat'. He's no skinny minnie is he?

Nick Ferrari is fab though, I love listening to his show. Have spoken to him several times about the cost of childcare and the work/SAHM issue.

I hate Jenny Barnett thouigh, want to smash the radio when she's on it and can't stand Steve Allen as he's a big bitch and is boring IMHO.

I wish Jeni Eclair was still on, she was great, and Carol McGiffen was good too.

stillenacht Mon 06-Apr-09 21:36:05

ah the holidays mean i can listen to James again smile

stillenacht Mon 06-Apr-09 21:37:14

I loved Carol McGiff big time - she was fab but i went off Miss Eclair when she said something was a bit "special needs" for a gag and that really peed me love Mr O'B tho smile

FrazzledFairyFay Mon 06-Apr-09 21:45:28

Me too, I think he's great.

stillenacht Mon 06-Apr-09 21:46:38

yay! I think i am majorly addicted to him tho smile

stillenacht Mon 06-Apr-09 21:48:03

Eve4walle - he certainly is no skinny minnie - have you seen him on that TV programme on Sunday mornings on BBC1 - i think the pasties may have to go James wink

stillenacht Tue 07-Apr-09 21:54:48

anyone else?smile

Can't believe Nick has been nominated for Sony award - it should be James!

stillenacht Wed 08-Apr-09 16:29:27

bump - tee hee!

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