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Am I the only one hating the current book of the week on R4?

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scampadoodle Thu 30-Oct-08 09:52:26

I think it must be Derek Jacobi's reading as normally I'd be fairly interested in a biography of Chagall. Mind, he's so mannered I can't actually tell if it's any good or not.

Anyone else?

beansmum Thu 30-Oct-08 09:54:39

switch to radio 7, casino royale is on, v good.

scampadoodle Thu 30-Oct-08 09:55:44

Ooh, will do! Mind, Woman's Hour is on soon.

teafortwo Thu 30-Oct-08 10:09:22

Actually I really like it! But I use the listen again facility and listen to it at night - maybe it sounds better at night time! grin

One of my favourite singers in the World is on Womans hour - what a great week on Womans hour - Ani Difranco and Caroline Bird in one week - Why radio 4 you are spoiling us!!!!!!!!!!

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