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archers addicts -what do you imagine they look like?

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poppy34 Fri 12-Sep-08 19:40:32

inspired by another thread.. this got me thinking -what do you think the characters look like?

lilian has got to have some resemblance to peneleop keith in the good life..

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 12-Sep-08 19:43:35

Nigel looks like Tim Nice-but-Dim

Ed and Will-yum look like Ben Fogles

Clarrie looks like Hilda Ogden in her younger days

constancereader Fri 12-Sep-08 19:45:04

Elizabeth has got frizzy blond hair.

Psychobabble Fri 12-Sep-08 19:45:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

constancereader Fri 12-Sep-08 19:45:54

Nigel has an overly large adam's apple that bobs around a lot when he talks.

poppy34 Fri 12-Sep-08 19:54:28

pyscho you're so right...

shula will defo have that kind of helmet hair that certain types of bunting cupcake women go in for.

jill will look a bit like angela lansbury.

Jo grundy =fat steptoe?

ingles2 Fri 12-Sep-08 19:59:13

we love the archers and as a joke one xmas I bought dh an archers addicts membership which included a newsletter full of pics of the cast. Psycho is right...don't totally ruined it for me..
(mind you linda snell was just about right grin )

Threadwworm Sat 13-Sep-08 23:05:24

Poopy, Penelope Keith is my picture of Linda Snell. David is tall with a holey jumper, long back hair and a pudding-bowl fringe.

Threadwworm Sat 13-Sep-08 23:05:48

poopy poppyblush

poppy34 Sun 14-Sep-08 21:58:37

lol threadwworm ..not the first time that has been typed on here wink

susan defo wears clothes that are slightly too tight and modelled on the queen mum..a younger hyacinth bucket

fishie Sun 14-Sep-08 22:03:09

sometimes they tell us. we know that clarrie is tres heavy and that ed looks super in a tshirt (with the corresponding that will doesn't). also this week that c carter is v muscly.

Bobbiewickham Thu 18-Sep-08 11:14:03

Alan looks like the vicar on Emmerdale.

Ian looks a bit like a fatter David Tennant.

Hayley looks like Dawn from The Office (even though she doesn't any more)

Ruth looks like Jill Halfpenny but blonder.

Alice looks like she's been smacked in the mouth with a cricket bat (well, in my fantasies anyway).

FuriousGeorge Mon 06-Oct-08 23:00:18

Alice lives in the next village to me.I know her mum.

MamaHobgoblin Sun 12-Oct-08 22:10:34

Adam is dark and strapping and bolshy-looking. Ian is tiny and wiry.

Ruth isn't BLONDE! Ooh noooo! Good god, the very idea. She's dark and trim, shortish hair. I suspect her of wearing Boden when she dresses up. wink

Alan is greying and broadshouldered and has no facial hair whatsoever.

Elizabeth is dainty, petite, brunette and looks as if you could break her over your knee. Oh, if only.

Tony has a very red face, sort of apoplectic. SAndy hair. Short.

Lillian is blonde - dyed obviously, but nicely done, and with natural-looking highlights. She's not half as tarty-looking as she sounds.

I had a peek at the actors on the website once, but I think it was so shocking that I've forgotten what I saw!

boogeek Mon 13-Oct-08 22:02:07

MHg! I don't believe you are an Archers fan too!

latermater Mon 13-Oct-08 22:11:58

Matt, florid face, solid but not fat, nasty suits with too-wide lapels and Pringle jumpers.

Alice - dark wavy hair, well built but aspires to dress like Sienna Miller

Usha, slim, beautiful - I always imagine her in a smart long flared skirt - perhaps because she never seems to be really off duty or relaxed

MamaHobgoblin Tue 14-Oct-08 21:07:51

Boo - mother's milk to me, it is! grin I used to call it The Archies, apparently. (when I was 3 I mean, not last year)

latermater Wed 15-Oct-08 20:30:35

I'm afraid my sister and I still call it the Archies...

retiredgoth Wed 15-Oct-08 20:38:05

.....Jack looks a little like a superannuated Captain Peacock, I think. On the same theme I see Lillian as looking like Mollie Sugden.

(+/- her pussy. Ahem)

.... Matt I think should look like Mike Reid (circa "Runaround"). Yellow ball, anyone?

MurderousMarla Wed 15-Oct-08 20:39:07

Kenton is tall, dark, and handsome

CoffeeCrazedMama Fri 17-Oct-08 15:43:37

I'm afraid dh calls it the Archoles blush. Doesn't share my addiction...

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