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Anyone listening to I AM KANYE WEST on Radio 4?

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QuaterMiss Mon 21-Oct-19 14:50:56

Afternoon drama not a documentary!

It is the strangest thing. Supposed to be comedy. Skillfully written - but I don’t know whether to feel disturbed or not.

kittlesticks Mon 21-Oct-19 20:57:32

Hi, I listened and was pretty confused! What did you think of the ending?

QuaterMiss Mon 21-Oct-19 21:28:32

‘Confused’ is correct! At first I wondered if the cab driver had been the delusional KW and had now picked up the real one. But then - partly because of the website blurb - I began to wonder if delusional KW was actually the real KW all along ...

I found the flashback to his arrest quite disturbing - it sounded way too much like a violent arrest in the US. Which I’m sure was what they intended.

The ‘rapping’ was a delight!

kittlesticks Tue 22-Oct-19 06:22:18

I think they meant to imply it was the real one. It was a bit mind bending for me. I'm not getting enough sleep so I'm incapable of complex thought. blush

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