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Nikkie Chapman radio 2 breakfast show

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PinkSubscriber Fri 04-Oct-19 07:14:36

Anyone else enjoying Nikkie on breakfast show? Feels so much more relaxed when she’s on I’m enjoying my drive to work.

FiveGoMadInDorset Fri 04-Oct-19 07:15:33

I have really enjoyed it this week, so much calmer 😂

Fudgecakes Fri 04-Oct-19 07:27:51

Me too...not really missing Zoe Bouncy Ball!! Nikki is a far easier, pleasant listen to ease you into the day!

NotSorry Thu 24-Oct-19 10:26:57

read this today - not surprised, everyone who I know who used to listen radio 2 breakfast has changed to a different station now

Disfordarkchocolate Thu 24-Oct-19 10:29:30

I might try tomorrow. I'd tried very hard to like Zoe but I hate the kid's slot and how often she says gorgeous. They got their new presenters the wrong way around.

Toitoitoi Thu 24-Oct-19 10:54:05

Yes Nikki Chapman was surprisingly good. I think she is a great broadcaster.

I cannot listen to Zoe Ball at all - all that breathy fast-talking nonsense. I struggle with morning radio atm. I am not overly keen on Lauren Laverne and am loving Stuart Maconie taking over this week.

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