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Best iOS podcast app?

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little0miss0mac Mon 02-Sep-19 19:29:56

Not sure of the best place to post this, but I reckon this might do...

I am heartily sick of the default Apple podcast app. It defaults the home screen view to latest episodes - whatever you were looking at the last time you used the app, loses the most recently listened to (not complete) podcast back into the 'all available' list, doesn't show a full list of episodes unless you select Shows, Library then 'all available'. And so on. Gah.

Reluctantly, because I've built up quite a big list, I think it's time to move. Has anyone found an app they're really happy with, and if yes, what do you like/dislike? I don't mind paying a bit for the right thing.

Or, if you've cracked it with the Apple one, educate me!

Sorry if this has been covered before (links to previous threads would be welcome if yes smile)


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