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Does anyone remember this programme? Parents tell story of their dd's relationship with very abusive bf, who eventually kills her horribly.

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Jux Thu 29-Aug-19 22:39:45

I'm sorry if the title's triggering.

This was quite a few years ago.

The parents were telling the story from their pov, "by this time we were seeing dd much less often but we were worried", " if we went round to see her, he would make an excuse that she was busy" etc kind of thing. It was excruciating detail, and absolutely horrifying.

When I say some years ago, it could have been as many as 15, but no less than, say, 7 (almost certainly more).

penelopepitstop1234 Thu 29-Aug-19 22:41:44

Did he kill her with an ironing board. If so it's on BBC and think it's called killed by my boyfriend.

JellyMouldJnr Thu 29-Aug-19 22:41:43

I remember a tv documentary like that, think it was called killing me softly or something similar

Jux Thu 29-Aug-19 22:47:17

It wasn't a drama, and it was definitely Radio 4.

The actual parents speaking. I definitely remember her dad talking but her mum may have as well.

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