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Discuss The Archers #108: Has Ed & Emma’s ship sailed? Will Alice stick her oar into Kate's love life? Can Shula walk on water? Come and discuss whatever floats your boat in The Archers.

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Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Thu 15-Aug-19 13:27:06

archers Thank you, @PseudoBadger, for kicking off this long, long series of Archers threads and @DadDadDad for being our resident statistician and keeping the ball rolling when Pseudo stepped back a bit.

archers All views on The Archers welcome here! New blood welcomed. We don't all agree on all points and most of us are posting tongue in cheek a lot of the time, so don't worry about revealing that you'd like to be Susan's best friend or other unusual views. grin

archers Spoilers: not on this thread, please. We don't wait for the omnibus to discuss the weeknight episodes, but we do try our best to avoid cross-contamination from, where spoilers are positively welcomed!

archers For newer listeners, lurkers or those who just have no idea what we're talking about, DadDadDad has created this useful thread: BOOP point for him! (See thread for explanation.)

archers Thanks to @QuaterMiss for the title of this thread. For reasons of space had to cut out the bit speculating about Oliver and Tracy pairing off. Surely not! shock

Off now to give blood, something nobody in Ambridge ever does. hmm See you all later.

MereDintofPandiculation Thu 15-Aug-19 13:49:09

Thanks, gaspode

MereDintofPandiculation Thu 15-Aug-19 13:49:40

Saw a brand new clean thread in front of me and couldn't resist the urge to dive in!

willywillywillywilly Thu 15-Aug-19 13:50:02


Paintingtheroseswhite Thu 15-Aug-19 14:58:20

Checking in , thanks Gaspode

WheresThatCatGoneNow Thu 15-Aug-19 15:08:23

Why did Will need to have the visit to A&E explained to him, as though he hadn't actually been there for any of it?

Was it for our benefit - or just to highlight how distracted Will is at the moment?

BoreOfWhabylon Thu 15-Aug-19 15:39:36

Thanks Gasp0

notmuchmoretogive Thu 15-Aug-19 15:44:18

Possibly in his stress he just didn't hear what the doctors said but I think mostly for our benefit.

ppeatfruit Thu 15-Aug-19 17:41:06

Oh hooray I made on the first page of a new thread ! Thanks for it Quater and Gaspode.

EBearhug Thu 15-Aug-19 17:46:11

Checking in...

Motoko Thu 15-Aug-19 18:31:30

Thanks Gasp0de.

OverInfestedBadger Thu 15-Aug-19 18:33:38

Thank you for always mentioning me, so I know where you all are!
Now I have a confession - I haven’t listened for months blush and I gather it’s been a turbulent time.
So.... who can give me a brief synopsis of events since Jim’s party?

Taswama Thu 15-Aug-19 18:35:15

Thanks for the lovely soggy new thread - great title!

DadDadDad Thu 15-Aug-19 18:39:38

Thanks, Gasp0de. Maybe the people of Ambridge do give blood, they just choose not to tell everyone else about it. wink

Actually, I've not given blood in ages. I used to get reminders that would prompt me, but maybe I got GDPR-ed off their list. Time to find a session...

MrsGrindah Thu 15-Aug-19 19:32:51

Woo hoo! Glad tidings everyone ! ( tidings ! Tides? Water? Geddit? No...I’ll get my coat!)

MikeUniformMike Thu 15-Aug-19 19:39:06

Alice has stuck her oar in. Kate and Jakob. Purrfect.

ArgumentativeAardvaark Thu 15-Aug-19 20:00:24

I had to look this up but I found the answer- Alice’s pony was called Chandler. IIRC she kept him retired after she got Spearmint and he was the one who had to be put down in recentish years. But I could be imagining that! I’m not sure what became of Spearmint.

Motoko Thu 15-Aug-19 20:04:41

I noticed how Kate made out she'd given up work and moved in to Peggy's to care for her. Typical narc.

Motoko Thu 15-Aug-19 20:06:35

What's the difference between a pony and a horse? I always thought a pony was a young horse.

ADarkandStormyKnight Thu 15-Aug-19 20:57:00

Emma will be back with Ed. She loves him.

And Kate and Jakob... Sparkz

OverInfestedBadger Thu 15-Aug-19 21:12:31

A pony is a small (up to 14.2hh) horse.

MereDintofPandiculation Thu 15-Aug-19 21:13:53

What's the difference between a pony and a horse? I always thought a pony was a young horse. No, it's a small horse - it's a horse that is under a certain size when fully grown.

R4 Thu 15-Aug-19 21:14:58

Thanks for the new thread Gasp0de

What's the difference between a pony and a horse? I always thought a pony was a young horse.
Size! A (fully grown) pony is smaller in height than a (fully grown) horse.
A young horse is a foal, colt or filly.

<waves> @ Mrs Grindah. wink

ADarkandStormyKnight Thu 15-Aug-19 21:15:56

Ponies have a different feel about them. Arabs are horses but can be small. I would love to find a better definition than height at the withers.

HatingTheBigShow Thu 15-Aug-19 21:31:23

Ten points to mother of the year, Ruth. "You'll have to be nice to the child we don't really care about, David, as he'll be sorry to have missed out - not that he put any effort in anyway, unlike our perfect daughter."
Why was Peggy so desperate to see Pip if she didn't want to tell anyone the outcome in advance?
Also, is Pip supposed to be in with Rex and Phoebe on the re-wilding scheme? Or did Phoebe simply want Pip’s approval?

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