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daffodilbrain Mon 28-Jan-19 23:08:40

Does this replace bbc I player? What are the pros and cons of each does anyone know?

SaturdayNext Tue 29-Jan-19 08:22:14

It just replaces the radio iPlayer. I wasn't keen at first, but I quite like it now, mainly because I've subscribed to my favourite programmes and can catch up with them quite easily,

MrsArthurShappey Tue 29-Jan-19 11:29:21

I like to listen to the dramas, and with the serials the app doesn't always make it easy to find the next episode. I'm hoping that will improve!

Bouncebacker Tue 29-Jan-19 16:45:48

I’m really struggling with it! In iPlayer radio, I just go to Drama, and then crime and then I can chose from all the crime drama currently available (bit of a soft spot for Lord Peter Wimsey and Paul Temple, But crime drama generally) - on BBC sounds I can’t get the same selection - even searching for Crime Drama doesn’t bring up the results I need!

R4 Tue 29-Jan-19 18:18:27

I'm really struggling with it, too! In i-player you clicked and it worked. In Sounds I click and it sits there egg-timing; I usually have to re-click or refresh to get it going. It also gets in a tizz if I try too many 20-second fast-forwards.
And it annoys me that, when it gets to the end, it doesn't just stop - it is desperate to play something/anything and comes up with totally random stuff.

HowardSpring Sat 02-Feb-19 10:15:40

I hate it too. Can't seem to find what I want easily. Busy, messy first page. Much harder to search. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

MillytantForceit Mon 04-Feb-19 14:42:36

Iplayer Radio still up and running with updates, for now.

Sounds app has no chromecast ability and now HQ stream option. Might as well listen to DAB.

Sounds is for da kidz who need to be told that they like Adele and Ed Bleedin Sheeran.

MitziK Fri 08-Feb-19 18:39:52

I hate it.

1. I listen at night - iPlayer has an option for a dark screen. It works. Sounds doesn't, so even with a blue light filter and 50% dimming, it is so bright that it snaps me awake.

2. There's no option to autoplay an entire series.

3. Half the things I subscribed to don't show up, even though I logged in with my original user details.

4. There's no obvious way to find the things you have subscribed to, as the list doesn't include everything. 'My Sounds' has been spinning for five minutes so far. But iPlayer (when their network isn't down, which affects both) works instantly.

5. It automatically puts you back to looking at whatever shit is on Radio 1 when you click back after something finishes, rather than just taking you back to your search results.

6. It's a fucking stupid name.

7. It starts randomly playing radio for no apparent reason when I'm out of Wi-Fi, thus costing me data.

8. It's a fucking stupid name.

9. The scroll wheel to select stations was easy to use on iPlayer, partly because you could see it was a wheel. This one isn't.

10. It's a fucking stupid name.

MitziK Fri 08-Feb-19 18:41:24

11. Where's the snooze function?

12. Where's the alarm function?

13. Where's the dimming/night function? (separate from a night mode)

14. It's a fucking stupid name.

MillytantForceit Wed 06-Mar-19 14:01:12

Head of BBC Sounds just on R4 WATO:

iplayer radio will switch off some time this year

Improvements to the Sounds app are being added, but 'some people are not ready to jump.'

(When I jump, it will be to Radioplayer and TuneIn)

MikeUniformMike Mon 18-Mar-19 18:24:55

I haven't got used to it yet.

SinisterBumFacedCat Thu 21-Mar-19 22:39:22

I listen to it and it’s good for podcasty type programmes however I can’t see it replacing radio player. Main problem is episodes are not uploaded when they are meant to be and there is no listings for how many future episodes there are in total, so you can’t tell when a series has ended.

LarryGreysonsDoor Thu 21-Mar-19 22:43:03

I don’t like the way it tries to force music onto me. I don’t want music. Piss off snd leave me to radio 4.

Also the lack of Chromecast is a massive ball ache.

MockersthefeMANist Mon 16-Sep-19 14:22:45

iplayer Radio RIP.

It's off to TuneIn for me.

MikeUniformMike Mon 16-Sep-19 17:20:47

I dislike the way it plays random programmes from other stations.

echt Tue 17-Sep-19 01:34:50

Awful. You can't access back episodes of programmes, only the one that's current.

And as for the name.

BringMeTea Tue 17-Sep-19 22:27:23

Why can't I find Jane Eyre? Grrrr.

blamethecat Tue 17-Sep-19 22:33:08

Does anyone know how to get it to play just a single episode of something ? I fall asleep listening to the radio I'm sure on iPlayer it just played the one I selected but with sounds it just keeps playing all the episodes, which means I suddenly get women around an hour after I've fallen asleep.

Target10 Tue 17-Sep-19 22:56:42

To stop it playing the next programme you need to switch off auto play. Go into My Sounds (bottom centre screen) then click on the settings cog at top right and then turn off auto play.

MikeUniformMike Wed 18-Sep-19 12:29:31


mastertomsmum Wed 18-Sep-19 12:33:17

They keep pushing it on Radio 3 but it's definitely not running well for Radio 3 or 4. Far less sophisticated than Iplayer Radio. Why change it, needlessly?

LIZS Wed 18-Sep-19 12:38:46

you need latest ios update to download it

blamethecat Wed 18-Sep-19 18:50:48

Thanks Target10 I've changed my settings.

jo10000 Wed 18-Sep-19 22:09:11

Love it, listen to whatever I want whenever, all round the house, pause, start when need to, discover programmes I didn't know about. Hardly listen to live radio anymore.

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