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WIQ - R4. Anyone hear it?

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TheEfficientBaxter Mon 24-Dec-18 18:28:53

A one-off programme (presumably for Christmas) with Jo Brand quizzing two teams of WI members.

It was rather charming, and yet very funny, too. I very much hope R4 are going to turn it into a full series.

If they aren't, they really should fsmile

Bakingberry Mon 24-Dec-18 18:35:37

I enjoyed it too. I really hope R4 turn it into a series as I'd be a regular listener. I remember they did Where's the F in news as a one off before they brought it back as a series.

toomuchfaster Mon 24-Dec-18 18:45:14

I think it's from last year as it has appeared in My Radio.

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