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aconcertpianist Wed 19-Dec-18 21:26:02

I've not listened since the Grand Opening of Jenny Darling's kitchen-a number of factors have caused this error.

Tonight, I'm in the car at 7-on my own-turn it on and Home Farm-and the kitchen is being sold.

Can anyone tell me, in a sentence or two, why?

Thank you

Boyskeepswinging Wed 19-Dec-18 21:29:41

In the 1970s Brian was paid to allow chemicals to be dumped illegally on Home Farm. This was only discovered recently and they need to sell the house to pay for the chemical clean up.
That's a very short version!

aconcertpianist Wed 19-Dec-18 21:32:00

Thank you: it would have taken me ages trawling through episode catch-ups to get that.
Much appreciated. cake

Boyskeepswinging Wed 19-Dec-18 21:39:33

No problem smile
It all got seriously dramatic at some points - Debbie even came back from Hungary! Brian was relegated to the spare bedroom! Ruth got blamed for pretty much everything at one point - don't even ask ...
It was nail-biting stuff.

aconcertpianist Wed 19-Dec-18 21:46:29

I'm going to spend Christmas catching up- I'll be making time by getting microwaved Christmas Dinner for us all!

Boyskeepswinging Wed 19-Dec-18 21:47:37

grin It'll be worth it! Enjoy!

aconcertpianist Wed 19-Dec-18 22:17:52

I will! Thanks again!

MVLipwig Wed 19-Dec-18 22:32:00

As a relatively recent listener, was there any associated drama with the kitchen opening/building? Desperately trying to catch up on all the old stuff that’s referenced

R4 Thu 20-Dec-18 09:58:48

JD fancies herself as a bit of a foodie so the kitchen is an all-singing, all-dancing, state-of-the-art affair. It did the catering for The Shoot, various Dinner Parties and the cooking for all of the family. It is probably over-spec now for just the three of them (plus occasional Ruari).sad
There was amusing stuff along the way, like you get with any project involving (a) builders and (b) picky clients. JD's old kitchen wasn't that bad so she was loathe to skip it. It was last heard of trying to be foisted onto someone else - namely Susan who, as you can imagine, was not impressed by being offered someone else's castoffs.
I don't know what happened to the old kitchen after that. The SW have probably forgotten about it but you would think that it would have raised its head again when they emptied outbuildings in all the preparations for the Big Move.

Panicwiththebisto Thu 20-Dec-18 14:50:44

Didn't the old kitchen end up in the refurbished village hall?

MVLipwig Thu 20-Dec-18 21:57:55

Very Jenny to think her castoffs are to be fought over by the deserving poor. Thanks for the update!

MrsArthurShappey Fri 21-Dec-18 12:28:59

A slight amendment - they don't have to sell the house to pay for the cleanup, they could sell of some land. But Kate pitched a fit because the best land to sell was next to her goat yoga yurts. She threatened in her share of the farm maybe, so this was proposed as the only option.

Needless to say, it's all completely ridiculous and none of us think they will move out.

Boyskeepswinging Sat 22-Dec-18 12:31:57

I was trying to keep it to two sentences as requested by OP! The arguments about selling the land could have filled a whole thread grin

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