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Is anyone listening to Tracks?

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hauntedsemi Sun 02-Dec-18 09:48:34

Medical-conspiracy-thriller with a heroine who is intelligent and not craving approval, lots of philosophy about 'what is a human' and great sound editing.

Anyone listening with me?

CalmConfident Sun 02-Dec-18 09:50:23

Yes!!! Listened to series 1 and just finished series 3 on the iPlayer app. Cannot find series 2 anywhere

Loved it. What episode are you on? I promise no spoilers smile

hauntedsemi Sun 02-Dec-18 15:47:45

At last, you are the first person I've found who is also listening!
I'm on the penultimate of Series 3 - don't tell me, don't tell me.
Series 2, in my opinion, didn't have the same magic.

CalmConfident Sun 02-Dec-18 17:07:51

Likewise grin hooray!

terryleather Mon 03-Dec-18 00:09:10

I was blown away by the first series of Tracks when it was broadcast a few years ago.

I also enjoyed the second series but I think it suffered a bit because of the absence of Helen - she's a great character so was glad when she was back for series 3 (sorry if that's considered spoiler-y!)

I think radio drama can be very hit or miss and when it's bad it's positively cringeworthy but Tracks is up there with the very best.

BrettAndersonscheekbones Mon 03-Dec-18 00:15:11

Ooh I'm into it too. Thought series 1 was completely gripping, couldn't get into series 2, but 3 is great too. Haven't listened to episode 5 yet as am trying to eke them out. I listen to them is bed at night so v creepy.

BrettAndersonscheekbones Mon 03-Dec-18 00:15:44

*in bed

hauntedsemi Mon 03-Dec-18 08:19:16

Agree - Helen is vital. I think she's cleverly designed - she helps to ground you - there are hellish things going on, then she'll cut in with a self-knowing quip and it makes you feel safe again
even though you will never be safe again

TheTurnOfTheScrew Mon 03-Dec-18 08:23:29

LOVED series one. Haven't heard the others - could I go straight in to series three?

partystress Mon 03-Dec-18 08:27:45

Have just found this series - and only in bits and bobs while driving. Loving it! Is the Hattie M character in the previous series too?

terryleather Mon 03-Dec-18 14:28:09

Helen is in series one but is played by Romola Gari iirc. Hattie M sounds very like her and plays it the same - I find it hard to tell them apart.

I agree haunted, there's a lovely steely calmness to Helen no matter what she's faced with and I love her quips.

I found myself thinking about the first series a lot when I first heard it, it really stuck with me for some reason.

It's fantastic radio drama.

CalmConfident Mon 03-Dec-18 15:18:19

turnoftgescrew I went straight from 1 to 3 and it was fine.

Yes, Helen is a fab lead character.

The audio background to the episodes is great as well, definately noticed more listening "headphones" on.

terryleather Mon 03-Dec-18 16:50:59

I think Tracks may have won an award for its sound Calm - I don't normally listen with headphones but I'm tempted do so for the next episode!

CalmConfident Mon 03-Dec-18 18:31:23

Do it!

terryleather Mon 03-Dec-18 18:58:05

I shall!

CalmConfident Mon 03-Dec-18 22:05:04


User5trillion Mon 03-Dec-18 22:10:31

Didnt realise there was a series 3, off to download it. Thanks! It was a great series

user1483844318 Sat 08-Dec-18 05:48:27

Totally agree with all of you that it's a brilliant story. And the production qualities are superb. But it seems as if I'm the only one who's NOT a fan of Helen. I literally cannot stand her. Weirdly enough, probably for the same reasons that everyone loves her. What everyone sees as strong-willed, determined and forthright, I get rude and obnoxious with heaps of self superiority thrown in for good measure. And her constant habit of barking orders at people instead of asking really got to me.

I imagine all the listeners who like her as a fictional character, probably wouldn't be able to stand her in real life.

CalmConfident Sat 08-Dec-18 08:16:22

Maybe that is why Freddie is her only friend?

littlebillie Wed 12-Dec-18 22:39:59

Dark and improbable I loved it

QuaterMiss Thu 27-Dec-18 17:45:45

Well, I should have listened to myself ... Knew there'd be a ridiculously weak ending. After so much time spent.


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