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The Archers No. 94: Freddie’s doing porridge, Tom gets his oats, but will Home Farm be toast? We’ll have to wheat and see ... Serial production is in full swing in Ambridge

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witchmountain Thu 18-Oct-18 21:27:23

archers Thanks to LilG for the title, and DDD for starting the last thread and the tradition of the thread starter nominating the next thread starter grin

Lurkers are always welcome to unlurk and join in, including asking questions of the many very knowledgeable posters with a long Archers-listening history.

Don't post spoilers based on forthcoming plot synopses that you've read, there's another thread for that (and we'd love to see you over there). Once an episode has aired then it's fair game. archers

TigerDrankAllTheWaterInTheTap Thu 18-Oct-18 21:28:56

Thanks, witchmountain! Admirable bit of stepping up to the plate there.

witchmountain Thu 18-Oct-18 21:32:20


Minimammoth Thu 18-Oct-18 21:41:15

Well done witchy I’m in.

BoreOfWhabylon Thu 18-Oct-18 21:51:39

Thanks witch and LilG for thread and title <settles in>

Fink Thu 18-Oct-18 21:52:06

Thanks witchmountain, saved all the rest of us from having to follow Dadx3's super - difficult instructions about how to link from a previous thread! grin

Poor Jill.

LillianGish Thu 18-Oct-18 21:53:39

Thank you Witch - well posted. Thanks for using my title.

BitOutOfPractice Thu 18-Oct-18 21:59:52

Hello all. Not listened for s couple of days do shamelessly marking my spot in case I lose you again

pretendingtowork1 Thu 18-Oct-18 22:27:50

I still want to know what the continuity announcer said....

NotANotMan Thu 18-Oct-18 22:28:48

Place marking!

DadDadDad Thu 18-Oct-18 22:54:18

Woohoo! And we're off, a new tradition established, a new era ushered in (but always honouring the great foundation that Pseudo laid to get us here).

Thanks, witch and Lillian.

You seemed to go a bit mad on the archers at the end of the last thread. We might need to ask MNHQ to get some more in stock. grin

Eastpoint Thu 18-Oct-18 23:27:22

Thank you for the new thread witch.
I can’t remember exactly what was said I’m afraid. It was just before the 7 o’clock news.

DeusEx Thu 18-Oct-18 23:32:00

Checking in!

DeusEx Thu 18-Oct-18 23:33:27

Ooh yes and what did the continuity announcer say?

I locked my seven hens up safe tonight and was very glad to do so...

EBearhug Fri 19-Oct-18 00:30:59

Checking in...

Theyprobablywill Fri 19-Oct-18 00:33:22

Why does David hate Josh so much?

FiveShelties Fri 19-Oct-18 02:45:24

Excellent thread title.

ppeatfruit Fri 19-Oct-18 09:02:27

Thanks for the straightforward titles folks!!!!!.

Dave was being quite nice to Josh earlier in that particular ep. it's almost as if he put him in charge of Jill's hens as a test, which J sadly failed giving his Dad the excuse to have a go at him. The 'fox, or rogue dogs, in the hens story is a regular occurence in rural areas.

elpth Fri 19-Oct-18 09:06:03

Thank you witch for the new thread! I didn't actually come back on MN between my last post and this so couldn't listen to my own advice blush
I rarely listen nowadays so you guys and Lowfield (what is up with that?) are where I get all my info. Thank you thanks

witchmountain Fri 19-Oct-18 09:27:29

archers that was to alert less observant people that it was time to move on!

Anyone who’s unsure how to post a link is welcome to experiment on this thread. You all seem like intelligent people, I’m sure you can work it out grin

thurmanmerman Fri 19-Oct-18 10:02:26

Thanks for the new thread smile

BertrandRussell Fri 19-Oct-18 10:21:54

"Why does David hate Josh so much?"

Because he is a vile, opportunist, exploitative, self centred little git?

Theyprobablywill Fri 19-Oct-18 10:23:14

Yes, but so is Pipsqueak, and she gets all the love!

EBearhug Fri 19-Oct-18 11:43:57

it's almost as if he put him in charge of Jill's hens as a test

I don't think it was - David was passing on a request from Jill. I think if Jill had seen Josh before she went to Carol's, she'd have asked him directly.

cheminotte Fri 19-Oct-18 12:42:37

Thanks for the new thread witch

MapleLeafRag Fri 19-Oct-18 12:49:11

Thats what I like LilG and Witch, a nice "corny" title! grin

MrsArthurShappey Fri 19-Oct-18 13:16:38

Hello you two!

Thanks for stepping up to the plate witch (is it you gruach?)

I'd like to repeat Volant's point from the end of the last thread. The contrast between Josh (immediately and genuinely contrite, telling Jill himself and taking full responsibilty) and Pip (keeping schtum even as the IBR crisis got worse) and David's reaction to both is striking.

Josh is a bit of a selfish git, but I don't particularly blame him for being so. No one else is looking out for him!

ppeatfruit Fri 19-Oct-18 14:21:51

I did like the scene with Lynda at the Cider Club, with her talking about
smoking Gouloises "et Gitanes" and pretending to be Simone De Bouvoir at 'Les Deux Magots'.

Slightly above the heads of the 'horny handed men of the soil' grin is she doing Cold Comfort Farm or Midsummer Night's Dream? Any ideas?

DadDadDad Fri 19-Oct-18 14:49:07

Ah, but at least Lynda had Robert as her local guide to provide interpretation to the natives. grin Although even he gave up with the de Beauvoir reference.

MS Night's Dream would be an unusual choice for Christmas. Lynda's been writing a script, hasn't she, so presume it's not an existing play.

MereDintofPandiculation Fri 19-Oct-18 16:07:30

MS Night's Dream would be an unusual choice for Christmas. Lynda's been writing a script, hasn't she, so presume it's not an existing play. She always writes the script - you have to really for pantomime, to get all the topical local references in. Keep the same plot and characters, but new script.

witchmountain Fri 19-Oct-18 16:09:45

MrsArthurShappey I'm flattered to be mistaken for her, but no. Maybe cast your eyes over DDD's analysis again, she's still very much with us.

MrsArthurShappey Fri 19-Oct-18 16:42:06

Aha witch, I think I know. And I think I know who Tiger used to be. So are you a namechanger too?

TigerDrankAllTheWaterInTheTap Fri 19-Oct-18 17:11:53

<shifty look>

cheminotte Fri 19-Oct-18 17:26:59

We were listening to yesterday’s episode at breakfast this morning and when Lynda spoke DS asked ‘is that the Queen?’

R4 Fri 19-Oct-18 19:19:17

Missed a trick there!

Jill: We must support Elizabeth.
David: You're right. <hands over list of solicitors and phone> Well volunteered, Mum.

Fink Fri 19-Oct-18 19:59:11

Well volunteered, Mum.

R4, David's too canny to try that. If he got Jill doing any more jobs, he'd start to go without meals, washing, ironing, house cleaning (I assume Jill does most of the cleaning at Brookfield since Emma left), home baked cakes ...

MereDintofPandiculation Fri 19-Oct-18 21:36:58

It's all very well giving Lizzie moral support by going along with her idea of appealing, but what if it risks making things worse? (Though she can't appeal on Freddie's behalf if he doesn't want to, she might talk him into it). This article says something I didn't know- if you bring an appeal which is considered frivolous (no chance of succeeding), the judge can issue a "loss of time" order - any prison time up to the date of the appeal no longer counts towards time served - you effectively start again from day 1.

Volant Fri 19-Oct-18 22:10:58

What I'm not clear about is whether Freddie actually wants to appeal - because surely it has to be his decision. We haven't heard him say so, have we? And he's likely to have found out from his current associates that there is a danger of his sentence being increased.

ANutAsBigAsABoulder Fri 19-Oct-18 23:35:11

archers archers archers archers archers archers archers archers archers archers archers archers

Bull jam for harvest time - enough for everyone grin

witchmountain Fri 19-Oct-18 23:37:16

MrsArthurShappey I'm not. A long time lurker who posted infrequently a while back, then wandered off, and has posted a lot more recently.

witchmountain Fri 19-Oct-18 23:44:31

Your bull jam sounds, er, like quite a delicacy, Nut. What a shame you missed the Flower & Produce Show.

<eyes jar suspiciously>

EBearhug Sat 20-Oct-18 01:10:52

What I'm not clear about is whether Freddie actually wants to appeal - because surely it has to be his decision.

I thought he was pretty clear he didn't want to appeal.

LillianGish Sat 20-Oct-18 07:31:15

David: You're right. <hands over list of solicitors and phone> Well volunteered, Mum Well apart from Usha, Jill only knows one solicitor. I wondered why Carole had suddenly made a reappearance.

BertrandRussell Sat 20-Oct-18 08:13:31

Time for the reappearance of Max the Super Lawyer?

ppeatfruit Sat 20-Oct-18 08:32:48

But Mere The actual word pantomime has not been mentioned (taps side of nose mysteriously in Lynda like way) I assume grin

BertrandRussell Sat 20-Oct-18 08:36:11

I still think it's going to be Antigone.

QuaterMiss Sat 20-Oct-18 08:54:49

I still think it's going to be Antigone.

Now, that is the funniest thing I've read all year! thlgrin

Thank you for the beautiful new thread peeps. flowers

ppeatfruit Sat 20-Oct-18 08:57:24

I think it's going to be Lysisrita (sp) ? with the 'mechanicals' appearing wearing 'ahem' attachments grin

DadDadDad Sat 20-Oct-18 09:33:47

Oh yes, Lysistrata, the one where the women of Greece stage a sex-strike. I remember seeing that (in Liverpool, I think) more that 20 years ago. I wonder how that would go down in Ambridge?

Anyway, got to go now and dig a grave for a hamster. sad

MrsArthurShappey Sat 20-Oct-18 10:55:09

RIP hammy DDD, my thoughts are with you at this difficult time sad

ppeatfruit Sat 20-Oct-18 11:07:53

Ahh poor hammy Dad Thanks for correcting my spelling, the computer certainly wasn't up to it. I remember being in a very bad production of said play. ! I hope Lynda doesn't go for Ancient Greek drama but I wouldn't put it past her.

Why are the cast of TA agreeing to be in an unknown anonymous play\panto\reading\concert? Don't they remember Lynda's little Hitler direction technique last year?

DadDadDad Sat 20-Oct-18 11:18:19

Thanks for your kind thoughts. Hamster died on Tuesday and after the initial shock and a day of sadness, my daughter (DDD DD?) seems fairly relaxed about the whole thing - she knew the hamster had reached a good old age.

witchmountain Sat 20-Oct-18 11:56:36

Oh dear DDD. When my sister's hamster died, after its cage was knocked over by a visiting dog, my own DDD tidied the hamster and cage up and then went to break the news to her that the hamster had sadly "died in her sleep". We were none the wiser until about two decades later.

Am I the only one insensitive enough to wonder if you've got some kind of hamster morgue set up in your fridge if it died on Tuesday - or should that have been Thursday?

DadDadDad Sat 20-Oct-18 12:31:46

Dont worry about insensitivity - I can be fairly detached about the life of a hamster. Morgue was shed, there was a bit of a retch-inducing whiff this morning, but it was already wrapped in a (bio-degradable) bag. I grabbed a sprig of rosemary from the garden, shoved that under my nose, then got digging.

Turning things back to TA, how can Elizabeth’s siblings practically help her? She seems in a dark place.

And anyone else getting worried about Lily?

Missdfruitfulness Sat 20-Oct-18 15:22:44

New to hamstering as of yesterday. Bought this cute male, but not so sure now.

MereDintofPandiculation Sat 20-Oct-18 15:29:03

I had my cat in the deepfreeze for a week, waiting for my son to be available for the burial. Thankfully a spare deepfreeze which we only use for a short period each year for fruit gluts. I tried the "cool shed" approach on a previous cat, but lodgers moved in within 24 hours, which I was quite offended at.

Have we worked out yet where Freddy is? We know it's "north" (from the conversation which ended that they get sent where there's a space), and Lizzie said to David on first visit "satnav is showing 4 hrs 10 mins".

Castington prison (formerly RAF ACklington) which takes young offenders? About the right journey time.

DadDadDad Sat 20-Oct-18 15:30:18

<sings> It's the cirrrrcle of lii-ife!

Actually, with all the current debate swirling, I saw "trans pet" and could only think "what's that? a hamster that identifies as a goldfish." confused


DadDadDad Sat 20-Oct-18 15:34:22

My comment was aimed at missd obviously.

Do you think they have a real place in mind for Freddie? I think they also had a line about Lily heading over to Leeds to meet Lizzie en route, as that would be two-thirds of the way there. I'm a southerner, so "somewhere a long way up north" does for me!

MereDintofPandiculation Sat 20-Oct-18 15:51:17

Do you think they have a real place in mind for Freddie? Why not? Lily and Phoebe are at real universities. But even if they don't, we know Freddie is real, therefore he must be at a real place. Logical, isn't it?

If Leeds is 2/3 the way, then Castington isn't a bad bet. Travel is smoother with fewer delays once you've shaken off the influence of Birmingham.

PseudoBadger Sat 20-Oct-18 15:57:50

<Waves> nice to see you all

Eastpoint Sat 20-Oct-18 16:23:37

I assume a transhamster starts off as a cat DadDadDad. I thought the same as you.

QuaterMiss Sat 20-Oct-18 17:22:11


Nice to see you too!


(Hope you noticed how much we appreciated your threadstarting when threatened with having to do it ourselves? grin )

HurricaneFliss Sat 20-Oct-18 21:06:14


InkySplatter Sat 20-Oct-18 21:17:46

Hello everyone, long lost tiger here.
Thank you for the new thread and fab title.

Does Jill actually want new hens? She's rather elderly and has her bees and general scivvying domestic duties to attend to. Josh was irresponsible with the milking but it seemed pretty win win. Feel sorry for him, though sorrier for the hens. As ever can't stand David. He was so presumptuous, insisting on new hens overriding Jill's own decision.

Going back a bit, Justin called off the wedding because he felt it wasn't right for Lillian, because she was insisting on a pre nup rejecting all his assets and fortune after nearly legging it with Matt Crawford.

I don't agree with Jill, Lizzie doesn't need blind support she needs help to get a grip. It's wretched for her but she's making it harder for herself really.

DadDadDad Sat 20-Oct-18 21:19:12

HurricanFliss - good point. grin

Oh yes... <waves to Pseudo> glad to see you're keeping an eye on us.

ppeatfruit Sun 21-Oct-18 08:46:45

How ya Psuedo ?

I agree that Lizzie needs help to get a grip, someone more objective to talk sense to her (and make her listen) Usha? not just unconditional love.

Paintingtheroseswhite Sun 21-Oct-18 10:31:27

Long time lurker delinking.

Freddie could be in Holme House at Stockton, castington would be a bit far if Leeds is 2/3 of the way.

No idea what Lynda's play is but have to admit my heart sank a bit when it was mentioned as we seem to be on a very similar episode treadmill every year with recruiting, reluctant participants, drop outs, save the day then everything ok in the end, just seems like script padding to me

MadameButterface Sun 21-Oct-18 11:43:17

Can we talk about Hannah please? Specifically, do we think she was being genuine with jazzer or was it all a ploy to make tom jealous?

ppeatfruit Sun 21-Oct-18 11:50:10

Madame Both she and Jazzer hadn't expected Tom back early. I was wondering if they were going to end up in bed though. She is a player, her calling J. her mate didn't ring that true, she and Tom had formally split.

I think that her and Jazzer would make a good couple.

MereDintofPandiculation Sun 21-Oct-18 11:54:52

Freddie could be in Holme House at Stockton, castington would be a bit far if Leeds is 2/3 of the way. Stockton on Tees? Yes, that sounds good. Ambridge to Leeds, 2.30 - 3hrs, Leeds to Stockton 1.25 - 1.5 hrs.

But does it take 18-year-olds?

Freddie should feel right at home - Prison Inspector's report in 2017 suggested a quarter of people entering had picked up a drug habit while they were there

HurricaneFliss Sun 21-Oct-18 17:23:13

HurricaneFliss - good point

grin why, thank you D3

<Feels obliged to contribute>

Hannah and Tom's FWB storyline makes my flesh crawl.

Wauden Sun 21-Oct-18 17:31:27

Looking forward to hearing about Lily's story as it was shaping up nicely, with cocklodger saying he won't be able to work, what with thinking about painting some time, maybe and work stifling him. And his insistence that that they take on a flat. And the expensive Italian kettle which boils to three temperatures which her mother bought for them. thlgrin

RockNRollNerd Sun 21-Oct-18 18:22:49

Am finally back in real time. Had massive catch up thanks to two work trips, Lowfield and these threads. May have to leave again though if the panto is Antigone. I did it for STEP French and it gave me nightmares! sadgrin

DadDadDad Sun 21-Oct-18 19:25:09

We've already had some Aristophanes references on this thread, and I believe he was the one who first imagined the place where Elizabeth appears to be living: cloud-cuckoo-land.

Have the SWs received some cracking legal advice that they will put into Anna's mouth as she pulls some amazing coup, or is Anna going to give Lizzie the reality-check she needs?

MadameButterface Sun 21-Oct-18 20:56:28

ppeat noooooo! Jazzer deserves far better than that awful Hannah. He has a heart of gold. I would actually like to see him settled with a family, his lads on the piss schtick is getting old and i think he’d be funny as a dad, he’d be right into it. But not with bloody Hannah. Her and tom need to elope together, across the sea, in a bin.

pasbeaucoupdegendarme Sun 21-Oct-18 21:07:59

Lurker here...

I hope Anna is going to make Lizzie see sense. It needs to come from someone she respects, but who is outside the family. While I think Jill is admirable for trying to have learnt from her earlier mistake, Lizzie’s situation is very different from Shula’s.

Tom and Hannah make me cringe, and poor Jonny tonight! Eew.

ADarkandStormyKnight Sun 21-Oct-18 21:21:21

I hope Jonny finds somewhere else to live.

R4 Sun 21-Oct-18 21:22:53

apart from Usha, Jill only knows one solicitor. I wondered why Carole had suddenly made a reappearance.

Goldstar to Lil'G

ppeatfruit Sun 21-Oct-18 21:28:19

Madambutter Jazzer has an exceedingly bad record when it comes to his women friends, he plays the field etc. etc. that's why I think he and H would get on well, she's upfront about sex so he wouldn't be hurt he'd be warned, they're quite similar. She might be hurt (serve her right)!

witchmountain Sun 21-Oct-18 22:15:45

she's upfront about sex so he wouldn't be hurt he'd be warned nah, he'd be hurt - logic and emotions are two different things and Jazzer is all front and bluster!

<waves to de-lurkers and offers welcome brew and cake>

I've caught up now and very much enjoyed Shula and Kenton's conversation on Friday about board games and what a terrible loser Davis was/Jolene has turned out to be and how it was more likely that Kenton would end up in prison.

BOOP for Jill tonight too.

My heart also sinks at the mention of one of Lynda's productions. I can never understand why anyone agrees to be in it.

pattyhoo Sun 21-Oct-18 22:25:53

The Tom and Hannah stuff makes me feel sick! Such a cringefest 

DadDadDad Sun 21-Oct-18 22:29:11

Oh, yes, witch, I'd forgotten that lovely twin-to-twin moment when Shula and Kenton put themselves in Lily's and Freddie's shoes. Now, in what scenario could we imagine Shula going to prison? Obstructing the police - remember the hunt saboteur? Running an illegal fox-hunt? shock

biscuitmillionaire Sun 21-Oct-18 22:29:24

I thought I recognised that voice! Now we know why Anisha had to suddenly get a job offer and leave - she was filming The Cry.

I was 100% sure it was her when she said the word 'Alistair'!

DadDadDad Sun 21-Oct-18 22:35:31

biscuitmillionaire - hello! I am right in thinking we haven't heard from you in a while? (your name always catches my name as I think of the Mr Gum character smile ).

DadDadDad Sun 21-Oct-18 22:35:50

*catches my eye

biscuitmillionaire Sun 21-Oct-18 23:06:27

Hi DadDadDad. Yes I haven't been on Archers threads much lately. I've been on MN for 11 years and this is the first time someone has remembered me, so thanks!

TheNorthernTights Sun 21-Oct-18 23:17:40

Ha, biscuitmillionaire I just came to say exactly the same about The Cry!

LassWiADelicateAir Mon 22-Oct-18 00:09:47

Tom and Hannah are just horrible. They have no consideration for Johnny.

Volant Mon 22-Oct-18 00:19:29

I agree about the cringiness of the Tom/Hannah thing. There's something about the slightly cold-blooded way they almost make appointments for a shag that is really off-putting. I've never understood why they have to keep it secret from Jonny, either.

NoUnicornsToSeeHere Mon 22-Oct-18 00:23:44

I reckon Freddie is at Deerbolt at Barnard Castle, based on the ‘up north’ and Leeds being 2/3 there. Not sure if fits in with the description David had of it as they drove to it though, I’ve only passed it on the road nearby.

I find it hard enough that Lynda finds people to take part in her am dram every year, the thought that all these people would be signing up without knowing what they’re signing up to or stretching th knicker elastic of truth beyond plausibility. Ping. Snap.

EBearhug Mon 22-Oct-18 02:22:37

Jazzer has an exceedingly bad record when it comes to his women friends, he plays the field etc. etc.

I think that should be past tense. We haven't heard of him shagging anyone foe ages, and he has developed. Scenes with Jim and Alistair, and also how he sorted Fallon's hen night, I think it''s all showing that he's recognising he could end up alone, and he doesn't want that.

Hannah's not good enough for Jazzer.

I noticed Anisha im the Cry, too.

AlecOrAlonzo Mon 22-Oct-18 07:11:56

There is no way that an old country woman like Jill would be as gutted about the loss of chickens as David is making out. It's upsetting when they get nabbed by a fox/polecat/pine marten/rats but it's not unusual. She's bound to have lost some before now.

ppeatfruit Mon 22-Oct-18 08:43:16

That's true Alec As I said upthread it's a common occurence in poultry keeping areas, also I know of a group of (nice, cosy house dwelling) domestic dogs going out on a chicken killing spree.

ppeatfruit Mon 22-Oct-18 08:46:07

Mind you she wasn't that upset anyway, it's only Dave milking it for all it's worth to guilt trip poor Josh. Actually why wasn't Ben asked to do it? he might have liked some fresh air, the cereal cupboard\larder must get a bit cramped grin

choccyp1g Mon 22-Oct-18 11:20:06

Anisha was never going to long on the Archers, no offence to the other actors, but she is too beautiful to be wasted on radio.
It is a shame because she is one of the few characters on the Archers with a distinctive voice!

ppeatfruit Mon 22-Oct-18 11:32:16

The problem with some distinctive voices is that although I could never mistake Jazzer for anyone else , I just have a problem understanding him!

BertrandRussell Mon 22-Oct-18 11:44:37

I don’t understand why people are excusing Josh-the exploiting Johnny and forgetting the hens in the same day are pretty unpleasant. I think David is right to be furious. Jill was just being forgiving so Josh didn’t feel too bad about it. I am a country woman, but would be really sad if someone forgot to shut up my hens and a Fox got them.

GoatYoga Mon 22-Oct-18 11:50:58

I agree Bertrand - Josh is very selfish with his time for the farm and is quick to get out of anything that gets in the way of his business.

Volant Mon 22-Oct-18 11:52:04

I'm not excusing Josh in relation to either incident - I've commented that, apart from the exploitation issue, it seems dangerous to leave a rookie unsupervised in charge of a herd. However, in relation to the hens, I do think he has to be given credit for being mortified and guilty about it, putting his hands up to it immediately, being prepared to be the one to break it to Jill, and doing his best to put it right. It's such a refreshing contrast to the angelic Pip, and of course one that has completely passed David by.

BertrandRussell Mon 22-Oct-18 11:54:54

And he’s not paying rent either for him or his business - so the least he can do is pull his weight on the farm.

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