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bolloxk - it's Zoe Ball

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ChicagoLil Wed 03-Oct-18 08:16:56

Who is taking over from Chris Evans.

That's a No from me.

ShowOfHands Wed 03-Oct-18 08:18:20


I like her.

TheNavigator Wed 03-Oct-18 08:21:48

Gah, I can't stand Chris Evans but Zoe is nearly as annoying. I'll be switching off after Moira has read the news then, as usual.

AwkwardAsAllGetout Wed 03-Oct-18 08:23:09

I do like her Saturday afternoon show as generally I’m driving when it’s on, but I was shocked when they said her name as I had thought Sara Cox was a sure thing.

Doyoumind Wed 03-Oct-18 08:24:36

That's such a big mistake.

Whitegrenache Wed 03-Oct-18 08:32:34

Get yourself over to Radio X and Chris Moyles breakfast show.
It's hilarious and he is not as arrogant as he used to be (in case that puts you off!)

SeraphinaDombegh Wed 03-Oct-18 08:33:53

My reaction was a very deflated "oh". I do like Zoe and I wish her well, but I was really really hoping it'd be Sara sad

FlamingJuno Wed 03-Oct-18 08:38:34

Sara Cox is doing 10 weeks per year. Both are better than CE IMO. I've stopped listening to Drivetime and Today as they're both rubbish now. I'm hoping a new presenter on 2 Breakfast might be an improvement.

Westwing1 Wed 03-Oct-18 08:42:44

Our school run is Ricky, Charlie and Melvin on Kiss, we used to listen to Chris Evans (quite like him) but didn't need the little pep talks he likes to give us and he talks over the music.

incorruptibledream Wed 03-Oct-18 08:43:38

Anyone is better than CE but Zoe ball? ::sigh::

I'm still mourning Terry and a more thinking persons presenter rather than a pseudo 'down with the kids' hippy.

PuppyMonkey Wed 03-Oct-18 08:44:45

Sara Cox would have been so much better. Stuttering Zoe just doesn't cut it for me. Awful decision.

SmokeAndBone Wed 03-Oct-18 08:58:17

Oh, I wanted Sara too.
Maybe I'll follow Chris to Virgin...

I have a lot of time for Zoe especially after her bereavement and fund-raising cycle, just don't like her as a radio presenter.

TheNavigator Wed 03-Oct-18 09:16:44

Yes, Sara Cox would have been great, I'll always listen when she is on. Zoe Ball seems to do this 'silly little girly' schtick which really grinds my gears.

NerrSnerr Wed 03-Oct-18 09:24:29

I really like Zoe. I know a few people who have worked with her and they say she's genuinely lovely in real life as well.

cricketmum84 Wed 03-Oct-18 09:42:49

Gutted. I really wanted Sara Cox

TheLastNigel Wed 03-Oct-18 18:39:35

I really wanted Sara cox too. Zoe ball is quite annoying at times and no where near as funny. I didn't like her when she did the radio 1 breakfast show (when I was a teenager) and now I'm going to have to put up with her on radio 2 which I've just this year bitten the bullet on due to my advancing years. Irritating!

AnneEyhtMeyer Wed 03-Oct-18 22:35:03

Should have been Sara, she's a natural. Zoe may be a lovely person but she is jittery and unable to get to the point and is not good to listen to.

I don't think Zoe will last anyway.

Smokeahontas Wed 03-Oct-18 22:44:01

The first 15 mins of Coxy’s Show tonight was shade! Good on her though.

TruelyTruelyScrumptious Thu 04-Oct-18 09:08:14

I am really pleased. I caught a oe show in the summer when she was covering for someone else one afternoon, it was really good. I don't like the music sara cox plays or the way she drivels on about inane stuff. Zoe comes across as more intelligent and thoughtful.

AnneEyhtMeyer Thu 04-Oct-18 21:04:18

Just listened to that Smokeahontas - so funny and made me love Sara even more.

Think I'll just have to listen to her show on iPlayer in the mornings.

ppeatfruit Thu 18-Oct-18 11:56:34

Zoe is brilliant on It Takes Two (The Strictly run off TV programme in the week)

I'm willing to give her a chance, the djs don't have a huge say in the music anyway, I turn off R2 because of the music , there's soo much screaming and groaning nowadays ( old gimmer here grin ).

Maybe Sara's children are younger and she likes being able to take them to school. I like her a lot too.

BasilFaulty Mon 22-Oct-18 16:20:47

Is Radio X only available in London? Wonder if I can get it in my car.

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