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Billie Homeless Dies At The End

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Gruach Wed 06-Dec-17 14:29:38

Is anyone listening to this on R4 right now? It's stupendous.

Greebz Wed 06-Dec-17 22:43:25

I had to stop quite near the beginning, wasn't sure what to make of it. It sounded very hard-hitting, though wasn't keen on the weird sound-effects?

Sarahh23 Fri 08-Dec-17 11:09:33

I honestly thought it was amazing ! From the writing to the sound effects. I must say I did cry as Billie died, such a remarkable performance and defiantly someone to look out for in the future. It was overall well acted and very professional, It’s gritty story was gripping and the way it coinsided with a political outlook was tremendous ! Very impressed BBC radio 4.

Gruach Fri 08-Dec-17 12:41:26

Me too! I felt I needed more ears to take in all the sounds. And the pace was awe inspiring. Loved it.

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