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The Archers: The Crook, the Vet, His Wife & Her Lodger - discussion #80

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DadDadDad Wed 16-Aug-17 13:14:23

In full acknowledgement of PseudoBadger's great achievement in providing the previous 79 threads over the past 4 years (and credit to R4 for this thread's title)...

Discuss TA (The Archers). New posters encouraged - it's not (too) cliquey here and plenty of regulars are happy to answer questions. archers

One rule: no spoilers (ie no mentioning future plot teasers from Radio Times listings etc) - there's a separate thread for that.

So, is Phoebe pregnant? will Anisha dob in (dobbin - geddit?) Alistair?

PS I don't presume to take on PB's role permanently - hopefully the job of starting new threads will rotate among regulars until she returns

ppeatfruit Wed 16-Aug-17 13:50:59

Thanks to all concerned in this new thread i can't believe I'm first !!!!!!!! Hooray! I'm off tomorrow though.

ppeatfruit Wed 16-Aug-17 13:53:03

Oh thinking about it, Lily as Emma Woodhouse , the spoiled pretty rich girl in the BIG house, yes I can just see it, sorry R4!,

VictoriaMcdade Wed 16-Aug-17 13:59:07

Brilliant title DadDadDad!

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Wed 16-Aug-17 14:00:58

Great title! Thanks to Pseudo, DDD and R4.

DadDadDad Wed 16-Aug-17 14:05:37

Thanks, Victoria - the witty part of the title comes from R4 (the poster, not the channel) - but I do like numbering things.

Imbroglio Wed 16-Aug-17 14:31:44

Thanks, DDD!

EBearhug Wed 16-Aug-17 14:49:49

Just checking in.

BoreOfWhabylon Wed 16-Aug-17 14:56:46

Nice work D^3 and R4

DadDadDad Wed 16-Aug-17 15:13:14

Well, this is going well so far, isn't it? grin

Now, stop all this mutual back-patting, and get on with discussing TA! angry

I notice The Telegraph (and its commenters) getting a bit cross about contemporary storylines:

Minimammoth Wed 16-Aug-17 15:48:37

Thanks Dad3. Blatant place marking. Enjoyable listening to young females who are NOT PIP. The difference in acting is marked.

mummytime Wed 16-Aug-17 16:51:18

Phoebe is very close to Freddy and Lily as when they were tiny Halley was a Nanny to the twins. So they basically spent their pre-school years together. So they are much closer to each other than their other cousins.

LeninaCrowne Wed 16-Aug-17 17:17:20

Many thanks to Pseudo for past Sterling (geddit!) work and to Dad*3 and R4 for fab title and starting the thread. smile

PrincessFiorimonde Wed 16-Aug-17 17:33:35

Placemarking on an Archers thread for the first time in a long time!
Hope pseudo enjoys her internet break.
Thanks, Dx3, for the new thread. And thanks, R4, for the title.
archers archers archers archers archers

TheAntiBoop Wed 16-Aug-17 17:42:50


cheminotte Wed 16-Aug-17 18:49:37

Well done in getting your thread number in there DDD !

MrsArthurShappey Wed 16-Aug-17 20:29:09

There's a new sheriff in town! Have been on holiday - I'm 2 weeks behind on the threads but have almost caught up with TA so..... I'll be back.

AuldHeathen Wed 16-Aug-17 20:41:44

Lovely thread. Thanks to all concerned.

I'm raking around for a character in Ambridge & environs who'd be a suitable contender for Mr Knightley. He'd have to be a bit older than Emma/Lily, have money, be kind and sensible and available, and look like Jeremy Northam. <swoon>

R4 Wed 16-Aug-17 21:31:52

We need two Knightleys, though. Any possibilities apart from the FairBretheren?
Unless we go for a brother & sister (for Freddie) combo - do you remember Basti and Neesha. Whatever happened to them?

Imbroglio Wed 16-Aug-17 21:38:38

There is still plenty of time for a pair of Knightleys to pitch up.

Imbroglio Wed 16-Aug-17 21:39:19

Three cheers for Emma tonight.

Travelledtheworld Wed 16-Aug-17 23:10:19

Imbroglio Thought that was another Jane Austen reference lol.

JeNeSuisPasVotreMiel Wed 16-Aug-17 23:28:45

Hello all

Eastpoint Thu 17-Aug-17 03:43:12

Thank you D^3 for the new thread, Pseudo for your huge contribution to the community & to R4 for providing title inspiration.

I thought Emma Grundy was brilliant tonight, I hope she & Ed actually get one of the houses, maybe Justin as developer can fix things to ensure they do?

Poor Anisha must be wondering what she's signed up for.

ppeatfruit Thu 17-Aug-17 07:27:22

I thought that Rex was doing a passable 'Knightley' giving Anisha sensible advice, she's very immature. I like him.

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