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Oh my horsey god - new comedy from Warhorses of Letters writers

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RockNRollNerd Tue 29-Nov-16 14:18:33

Radio 4 Christmas lineup

I can't wait for Some Hay in a Manger, Warhorses of Letters was so good and the premise of this sounds great.

Plus the roads are absolutely packed with over-excited sheep who seem to have got hold of the wrong end of the stick about what species the Lamb of God is going to be. grin

Iwantacampervan Thu 05-Jan-17 18:33:31

Have just caught up with this - very good and clever I thought.

aquariana Fri 06-Jan-17 09:41:19

Yes, very cool :D
also I'm listening a lot to KALX right now. I like the mix!

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