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66th Series of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue

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Ifailed Fri 28-Oct-16 12:45:06

First show on Radio 4 on Monday 14th November at 6.30pm. I know it's childish, and most jokes are ridiculously telegraphed, but I'll be listening anyway.

FernieB Fri 28-Oct-16 23:38:00

Thanks for that - looking forward to it already. It makes ironing enjoyable.

ARichVernacular Fri 28-Oct-16 23:42:17

Hooray! I love it, although still miss Humph.

NotQuitePerfect Tue 22-Nov-16 14:39:54

Best radio comedy ever. grin

BreconBeBuggered Tue 22-Nov-16 14:49:47

I like to listen to the repeat on Sundays. Favourite game is 'One song to the tune of another'.

Cromwell1536 Sun 18-Dec-16 21:23:52

Like Samantha, I am looking forward to series 69. Snorfle.

JoeGrundyIsMyRoleModel Sat 21-Jan-17 18:20:04

Hello, I love this program and have listened to more series than I can remember. Graeme Garden hasn't taken part for two series now, but I can't find out why. Anybody know?

Gardener's film club - "Bring Me The Hedge Of Alfredo Garcia" - one of his best.

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