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Roald Dahl on Radio 4 this week

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nannynick Sat 02-Jul-16 19:40:51

This week the BBC have several programmes on about Roald Dahl.
Radio Drama - Boy, Aired this afternoon on Radio 4.
Coming up this week:
Roald Dahl In His Own Words – Today at 8pm, Radio 4
Drama: Going Solo - 3pm Sunday, Radio 4.
Roald Dahl: Seved With a Twist – Monday - Friday at 10:45am/7:45pm, Radio 4
Roald Dahl: A Gremlin in the Works – Thursday at 11:30am, Radio 4

These are aimed at older children and adults. I care for an 8 year old who has read Boy, so the audio drama would be suitable from around that age. Served With A Twist may not be... could be more Twilight Zone type of thing, so will need to listen to that before letting the children access it.

These should be available on the iPlayer Radio app shortly after transmission, length of availability may vary.

I wonder if the BBC will be airing any audio-dramas of his children's books? They have in the past done Matilda as an audio drama.

Momamum Mon 04-Jul-16 13:07:33

My child-rearing days are well behind me, but I'm loving the Roald Dahl selection currently being broadcast. smile. The Evelyn Waugh bio too.
Love our Beeb radio smile

Cherylene Wed 06-Jul-16 11:55:06

I enjoyed the snake story - missed the beginning - will have to LA

Gruach Thu 07-Jul-16 10:54:28

It has been a rather wonderful radio week.

I enjoyed Boy and Going Solo - though I wouldn't mind a little innovation in the presentation of radio drama. Missed most of the rest of the Dahl-fest - but caught the second half of the snake story and was holding my breath.

The Evelyn Waugh bio has been utterly absorbing.

And R3 has gone back to making an effort occasionally - long may it last!

Cherylene Thu 07-Jul-16 11:47:29

It has reminded me of what a good writer Roald Dahl was, beyond the children's stories (which are wonderful_. I used to love Tales of the Unexpected on the television.

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