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Tonight's "don't start"

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wanderings Thu 05-May-16 22:29:25

I just wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. I heard the first ten minutes of it this evening before switching off in annoyance. For those who didn't hear it, the general gist was a dialogue between a young couple:

Her: (urgently) Aren't you going to ask me about my hospital test results? How would you feel if I snuffed it? White-hot honesty is important in relationships.
Him: Er... I'd be grief-stricken.
Her: Well, nothing is 100%. What percentage grief-stricken?
Him: Er... 80%.
Her: 80%!!! So are you saying life without me would be 20% rosy!! What accounts for that 20% of life of pleasure without me?

And so on, with her tone becoming more and more insistent, and twisting everything he said. She had him wrapped round her little finger.

And then a few minutes later:
Him: How would you feel if I snuffed it?
Her (cheerfully): I'm not playing that game.
He protests about the unfairness of this. I couldn't bear to listen to any more.

Now I had the feeling we're supposed to laugh at this woman winding up her other half, but I kept thinking again and again of MN, and "if the genders were reversed, it would be gaslighting/abuse". I was almost reminded of Rob bullying Helen.

If you heard this programme, did you find it funny?

tibbawyrots Tue 10-May-16 09:29:48

I've listened to the previous ones which had a spark of humour - the one where she's going to visit her parents and making get away plans in advance but this was dire and I switched over after a few minutes.

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