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The Archers - It's so much more than just a soap. It's a bloody drama!

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PseudoBadger Wed 06-Apr-16 13:37:50

Will it still be Sunday tonight?

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Joskar Wed 06-Apr-16 13:41:35

What does Susan think, I wonder.

Vango Wed 06-Apr-16 13:42:04

I think it'll be Wednesday. Wait? Is today Wednesday?

DadDadDad Wed 06-Apr-16 13:42:10

Thanks, Pseudo. Blood and soap got me thinking of MacBeth. Helen as Lady McB sleepwalking and troubled by the insoluble blood... shock

redshoeblueshoe Wed 06-Apr-16 13:42:26

If it is you can go and celebrate your birthday all over again.
Thanks for the new thread Psuedo (I'm whispering in case you've got a hangover) flowers

Butteredparsnips Wed 06-Apr-16 13:42:47

Signing in. Hoping to hear some chattering tonight. Thanks for the Fred!

DadDadDad Wed 06-Apr-16 13:43:58

Anyway, I had unfinished business with R4 from the last thread - I wasn't being arsey, just bemused so thanks for explaining the assertiveness comment. smile

However, you called me a "quiche" - is that a bizarre autocorrect, or another in-joke I'm not getting? confused

Vango Wed 06-Apr-16 13:45:14

DDD Out, damn'd SOC! out, I say!

DadDadDad Wed 06-Apr-16 13:45:39

Also, surely by the end of last night's episode it was Monday daytime, as the police said they would interview H in the morning which I assume is where we were as the episode ended?

GypsyFl0ss Wed 06-Apr-16 13:46:00

D^3 I think a "quiche" on MN is an in joke on the word clique. Not that you are a quiche...although that did make me laugh!

GypsyFl0ss Wed 06-Apr-16 13:47:02

Thankyou once again Pseudo .

Fink Wed 06-Apr-16 13:49:52

Dad3, your comment about Lady MacBeth reminds me of this sketch. I can now imagine SOC messing up literary analysis in exactly this way!

Vango Wed 06-Apr-16 13:50:07

DDD He's been playing these at home.

BYOSnowman Wed 06-Apr-16 13:54:12

We are assuming Sunday was Sunday

If Sunday was Monday, Monday was Monday and then Tuesday was Tuesday morning. If that makes any sense at all!!

DadDadDad Wed 06-Apr-16 14:00:15

BYOS - incredibly, that does make sense. Can it be possible? Was there any clue in Sunday's night episode that it was Sunday night? Actually, the fact that Rob was making deliveries might suggest it was a weekday...

SliceOfLime Wed 06-Apr-16 14:00:40

I'm going to temporarily bow out of these threads, I posted last night on page 28 (I think) of the last one, even though I'd only read up to p12, and by the time I popped back just now the thread had ended! I can't take the pressure - my inner perfectionist wants me to read all the posts but my 2 kids would like me to pay them attention occasionally grin I shall keep listening to TA and pop back in when the kids have grown up and moved out I have some time....

BeaufortBelle Wed 06-Apr-16 14:01:41

Wondering whether to leave early and listen at home ir leave late and listen in car.

Vango Wed 06-Apr-16 14:02:35

I think you're right too BYOS. It would explain the 'Sorry I'm late Darling" 7pm arrival home as well as the lack of Sunday Roast (as someone on an earlier thread mentioned) grin

Eastpoint Wed 06-Apr-16 14:05:28

Just place marking really. Lots of discussion today in RL, which was rather weird.

Mrsmorton Wed 06-Apr-16 14:10:32

Another place mark.

Alleycat1 Wed 06-Apr-16 14:18:56

Greetings all! I always thought mumsnet was about nappy rash, stretch marks and Calpol, so delighted when a friend steered me here for The Archers catch up. Just spent the past week (well, it feels like it) reading your last 6 extremely entertaining threads. Love the titles and some of your user names, especially the Boreofwhabylon. As a newbie I don't require greetings returned, but should anyone feel so inclined mine's a cup of tea and a slice of coffee and walnut cake.

OneMoreStepAroundTheBendIGo Wed 06-Apr-16 14:20:31

Given TA’s past form, I do think there’s every chance that Knob will make a full and miraculous recovery thanks to the wonders of Borchester General and Felpasham Hospital. From my TA memory, which is not as long as many on here, the only person who has died in hospital (rather than at the scene, e.g. Nigel, Mark etc) is Freda – and I’m not sure whether she counts as a full Archers’ character. Examples I can think of:

Tony - attacked by rampaging bull, head injury, spinal injury and multiple fractures
Adam - in coma after traumatic brain injury from being attacked (can’t remember by who)
Chris Carter - in ICU after being kicked by a house with major chest injuries

Plus those who were told in hospital that their injuries were life-changing, yet now seem to have no long term effects:

Jazzer - MLD (or possibly SLD) after ketamine overdose
Emma - nearly lost leg to compartment syndrome and was subsequently told was likely not to have full use of that leg after car accident with Ed.

Go on TA health fairies, do your magic again…

OneMoreStepAroundTheBendIGo Wed 06-Apr-16 14:21:32

or even a horse...

Elendon Wed 06-Apr-16 14:22:03

Just place marking. However, I think that Sunday was Monday is excellent. Still get the giggles at the poster who wondered what people in Ambridge did on a Saturday night.

Was Helen and Henry going to stay with Kirsty?

redshoeblueshoe Wed 06-Apr-16 14:23:04

Vango - I mentioned the roast dinner blush
Alleycat brew and cake

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