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Ed Reardon anyone?

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Biglaugh Thu 24-Mar-16 12:15:13

I'm obsessed with this programme and have downloaded previous series from Audible to feed my habit.
It is just BRILLIANT. The writing is so good and Christopher Douglas as Ed is a genius. As is Barunka O'Shaugnessey as Ping.

Lanark2 Thu 24-Mar-16 12:16:11


Herewegoagainfolks Thu 24-Mar-16 12:21:56

I find it deeply irritating.

tibbawyrots Fri 25-Mar-16 07:39:55

I love Ed Reardon. Brilliantly crafted character. grin

Biglaugh Fri 25-Mar-16 08:59:10

I'm so glad to have found two fans. grin I just love his intelligent ranting, it's so well written. Sad not to have John Fortune any more, Felix was perfect.
I usually have to turn off at 6.30 to prevent the toe-curling embarrassment of most R4 'comedy' (commissioned by Ed's 12 year olds) but this is a breath of fresh air.

SaffyRosie Fri 25-Mar-16 19:54:25

I'm a fan.

FiveGoMadInDorset Fri 25-Mar-16 20:15:14

Fan here as well

EasyToEatTiger Fri 25-Mar-16 20:47:13

I love Ed Reardon too! I have been listening on and off for years, but I still don't know what on earth he does. Is he a drifter?

partystress Fri 25-Mar-16 22:38:36

I absolutely love it and live near all the places mentioned, so I spot possible Ed's all over town.

Biglaugh Sat 26-Mar-16 08:06:19

Oh partystress you must live near Berkhampstead? Lock-keepers Arms? Is it real?

partystress Mon 28-Mar-16 14:32:37

Could be one of two pubs Biglaugh. Both have their share of suitably lived-in looking men!

Biglaugh Mon 28-Mar-16 16:01:12

That's what I'm after partystress. A nice low-maintenance lived in man.
I may take a

Fadingmemory Sun 03-Apr-16 20:55:11

I like the series. Listening to Ed makes me feel successful!

nauticant Mon 04-Apr-16 11:25:04

It's terrific. Marvellous characterisation. It's interesting to go back to the first episode and see how the character has been adjusted.

I have an old friend who lives an Ed Reardon life as a writer and it all rings horribly true. Another source tells me that 12 year olds in the BBC is a recognised problem and an absolutely scourge in terms of comedy commissioning.

Biglaugh Mon 04-Apr-16 12:14:53

Yes, Nauticant, I can well believe that 12-year-olds are a continuing problem with the BBC. You can tell that by listening to the sort of rubbish that gets commissioned on R4. With a few exceptions (Ed being one...) the 6.30 comedy slot is embarrassing and terrible.
I love his observations, they are so wonderfully true.
I have heard some of the early ones and I wait until Audible has a sale to buy a series. I do love the later Ping though - Barunka O'Shaugnessey is marvellous.

whataboutbob Tue 05-Apr-16 13:14:00

Love it, his misanthropy, curmudgeonliness and penny pinching ways are like the sun coming out for me. Unfortunately it's being eclipsed for a while. Can't wait for a new series"!

GrumpyOldBag Tue 05-Apr-16 17:28:55

I also love it, and think I'm a teeny bit like him ...

Biglaugh Tue 05-Apr-16 22:43:36

Me too smile

Putthetulipsthere Wed 06-Apr-16 10:21:41

I love it too Biglaugh. I think it's brilliantly scripted and Christophet Douglas is perfect. The other characters, especially the writing group and Ping.

I'll have to download the earlier episodes to re listen to

Putthetulipsthere Wed 06-Apr-16 10:22:57

Meant to say the writing group & Ping are just right too

Biglaugh Wed 06-Apr-16 11:31:34

I haven't been able to find any Ed for free (as it were) unless it is on iPlayer - it was recently but the episodes disappear after a few weeks. So I have treated myself to them on Audible. The downloads from Amazon are a frightful price!

BlueJug Fri 22-Apr-16 20:29:21

I like it too. Delightful!

HopeClearwater Mon 09-May-16 22:53:18

It's fab. Only just found out that the characters are based on George Gissing's New Grub Street.
I find as I reach (have reached?!) middle age that the 12-year-olds seem to have crept in everywhere...

nauticant Wed 07-Sep-16 09:45:52

And then New Grub Street was dramatised:

For any Ed Reardon fans out there, have a listen, at least to the first one. The meta nature of it had my head spinning in delight.

rogueantimatter Wed 07-Sep-16 09:48:51

Another fan here. I haven't heard it for ages though.

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