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Weird Classic FM adverts - just me?

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ElviraCondomine Tue 23-Feb-16 13:29:14

I quite often listen to Classic FM on my drive to work but have recently noticed something odd happening with the adverts. Half way through one there will be a sudden jump cut to a totally different advert. Today it was even weirder - started with a car finance advert, cut to something else, then back to the final bit of the car advert.

I've heard this happen a fair few times and can't work out what on earth is happening. Just once I could imagine that someone had pressed the wrong switch and played the wrong advert but it's getting really frequent.

Nobody else seems to have heard it though so I'm wondering if I'm driving into some weird Twilight Zone every day?

Anybody else heard it?

HopeClearwater Thu 03-Mar-16 23:58:06

Yes, only in the car. If you switch off the RDS (radio data system) on FM then it doesn't happen. Also, it's not happened if I've been using DAB.

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