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Woman's hour serial this week about the twins

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JessieMcJessie Fri 19-Feb-16 14:11:40

I caught the start of the first episode on Monday (basically just to the point where the girl twin was being rushed to hospital) and the end of the final one today. I found it all a bit cheesy to be honest but I do like Sharon Small so I kept listening to the end. Having missed out on basically the entire storyline can anybody fill me in on these details?

1. Do the family know who the father of Nettie's baby is?
2. If so, did it come as a total suprise and why was was he not part of the story by the end?

Thanks. I'm not sure if it was original drama or a book adaptation - was waiting for La Murray to recap the title after it finished so I could google but she launched straight into readng out a tweet about facial hair....

tibbawyrots Fri 19-Feb-16 18:02:36

Yes, he was a married man who had an affair with her allegedly believing she was 22. His wife defended him and said she had forgiven him the affair and that he thought she was older. He was never going to be part of the baby's life.

Nettie had set up a fake persona on a dating site as a 22 year old which the family found out when they went through her laptop.

BYOSnowman Fri 19-Feb-16 18:05:39

It's not very good. I assume the book is better - is it based on a book?

I'm not bothering to listen to the final episode.

JessieMcJessie Fri 19-Feb-16 18:45:53

Fab, thanks tibbawyrots! I agree BYOS that it wasn't all that good but I was just struck this morning by talk of a baby because I had not expected that from the snippet of Episode 1 I heard and was intrigued to know how they got there.

BYOSnowman Fri 19-Feb-16 18:51:56

It was trailed as a family torn apart and realising they don't know each other

But it was all incredibly predictable

polyhymnia Fri 19-Feb-16 21:32:55

Sorry, I also missed middle bits. Was the married man the teacher she had a crush on or someone completely different. I thought it was rather soapy and predictable but nice to know what I missed!

Tootyfilou Fri 19-Feb-16 21:45:55

I thought the Father sounded too young, I had difficulty sometimes knowing if he was the son or father... Sounded about 20yrs younger.

I did cry in the last episode though.

cherryrednose Fri 19-Feb-16 23:26:18

Agree the father's voice was too young and didn't match the mother's. I thought Tyger Drew-Honey was excellent and the brother twin.

polyhymnia Sat 20-Feb-16 00:13:05

Agree father sounded too young. Pleade can anyone tell me who the father was, use the teacher or a random she met online?

polyhymnia Sat 20-Feb-16 00:13:47

'ie', not 'use'!

polyhymnia Sat 20-Feb-16 00:20:06

And presumably Nettie intended to kill herself the day she was in the accident in the first episode, since she asked her brother to hide her laptop that morning?

BYOSnowman Sat 20-Feb-16 08:45:37

Teacher wasn't the father. It was a man she met on the Internet. She told him about the baby and he wanted nothing to do with it so she was distracted when she got hit

polyhymnia Sat 20-Feb-16 12:40:49

Ah, thanks.

PenelopePitstops Sun 21-Feb-16 09:35:48

It all got a bit supernatural for me.

The dad sounded like a brother. Huge parts of the story seemed missing.

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