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Woman's hour today

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BYOSnowman Fri 12-Feb-16 10:17:10

Jenny interviewing camilla from kids co

It's sounding like a reputation rehabilitation exercise to me at the moment!

BYOSnowman Fri 12-Feb-16 10:27:27

I don't find her very believable

AvaCrowder Fri 12-Feb-16 10:52:23

I would have liked Jenni to have asked more follow up questions, perhaps more on the governance.

I didn't realize it was pre recorded until afterwards, then it made more sense.

CB irritated me. She sounded so condescending.

BYOSnowman Fri 12-Feb-16 10:56:32

She seemed to just accept the stories at face value

Why on earth would champneys accept a psychotic individual who is a danger to others?

AvaCrowder Fri 12-Feb-16 11:35:19

That Champneys example summed it up. It wouldn't have stood up to scrutiny. It wasn't scrutinized.

I felt that she fudged issues 'protecting clients privacy'

And the designer trainers really annoyed me. I've seen children being targeted for their designer trainers, rather than the lack of them.

HildaFlorence Fri 12-Feb-16 11:43:46

I had to turn this off I was so incensed at this women being given more airtime, just ridiculous and it was a huge proportion of the programme .I was never a fan anyway and always thought she was a massive self publicist and that there was something fishy but to give her even more airtime seems wholly inappropriate , no doubt the'll be an edited version on weekend womens hour as well.

BYOSnowman Fri 12-Feb-16 12:39:02

I am amazed the bbc did this as they basically gave her half an hour of self publicity with no real challenge

BoreOfWhabylon Fri 12-Feb-16 14:49:26

I really thought she just dug her own grave in the interview.

Astonishing levels af arrogance and self-delusion.

BYOSnowman Fri 12-Feb-16 14:52:07

Yes - but people who don't know much probably would have taken what she said at face value

I'm shocked the bbc gave her the platform. If I was on Twitter I would have tweeted!!

polyhymnia Fri 12-Feb-16 14:52:31

Yes, agree up to a point but I did think it worked in that CB totally condemned herself out of her own mouth with her refusal to live in the real world or accept that anything she had done was wrong, her insistence it was all a wicked media conspiracy, etc.
I emerged with my negative views very much reinforced and I'd be surprised if other listeners didn't react in the same way.

gooseberryroolz Fri 12-Feb-16 14:54:49

It was quite a soft interview.

I'm very much on the fence about CB. I think a lot of innovators ARE quite quirky and dictatorial with little time for rules and convention.

Batmam Fri 12-Feb-16 14:55:25

She should be a politician, I nearly fell for her bullshit

BYOSnowman Fri 12-Feb-16 17:33:52

Yes! It sounded very rehearsed

And she throws numbers around without seeming to understand how shocking they are

Marchate Fri 12-Feb-16 19:21:26

JM always takes the high profile interviews when she can. I don't think she likes Jane Garvey. When they co-present I believe I hear the concealed jealousy in her voice. Maybe I'm imagining it

Batmam Fri 12-Feb-16 20:08:45

I feel that too Marchate, Jenni Murray often comes across as more than a little bit smug/patronising. On the other hand I love Jane Garvey's presenting style, least smug person in the world yet calls people up on their bullshit

wickedwaterwitch Fri 12-Feb-16 20:13:09

I caught the last 5 minutes of it

I can't believe Camilla Batshitcrazy is being given so much airtime tbh

AvaCrowder Fri 12-Feb-16 20:22:36

I will listen out for that now Marchate

I think that they have done this in the name of being unbiased.

BYOSnowman Fri 12-Feb-16 20:23:37

Unbiased and because a very influential (ex) bbc man wants rehabilitation

Stickerrocks Fri 12-Feb-16 21:33:05

Hello BYOS, thanks for linking to this one. I listened to see if Camilla could dig herself out of the holes from the TV doc and I think she actually made things worse. I don't think JM mentioned the lady with the flat the charity paid for on the grounds that she was an asylum seeker for many years. I had hoped she would follow that one up. Some of the stats Camilla quoted must have been made up.

I was pleased to hear that the Charity Commission is finally investigating. I think the ICAEW should review the audit files of the firm which gave them a clean audit report for years to see how robust their audit work actually was or whether they were taken in by the Cult of Camilla too.

Batmam Fri 12-Feb-16 21:37:25

But they should have also put someone on from the other point of view to counter the sensational stories of individual kids and the crazy numbers she was banding about instead of leaving it to the presenter who naturally wasn't involved enough to know all of the facts. Unless I've missed such a previous programme, today seemed very biased in Camila's favour

gonegrey56 Fri 12-Feb-16 21:37:39

JM was very disappointing and did not challenge CB at all, allowing her to simply put her own deluded spin on everything ....JG would have given CB a much tougher ride.

BYOSnowman Fri 12-Feb-16 21:40:43

Jg has a great 'incredulous' voice when someone is bullshitting

FannyGlum Fri 12-Feb-16 21:41:41

I really like Jane Garvey. Does anyone remember the old woman's hour message boards? People used to slate her on there, but I much prefer her to JM.

HopeClearwater Fri 12-Feb-16 22:58:16

I remember those WH message boards. People didn't like JG when she came over from 5 Live but she's a much better interviewer. JM just asks a series of questions and doesn't probe further. Also, she was surprisingly poor as a team member on the celebrity University Challenge series.

Marchate Sat 13-Feb-16 00:22:08

Years ago JM was on You & Yours, which I have always hated. I drifted away from WH when she took over. When JG started I enjoyed it again

Smug is correct. Dame Murray, still spelling her name like a 1980s schoolgirl - sorry to anyone else who uses the name!!

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