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I would happily pay my licence fee just for R 3 and R 4. Would you?

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Wordsaremything Sat 10-Oct-15 08:44:00

Just curious to know!

greenhill Sat 10-Oct-15 08:47:43

And R4extra. I spend a lot of my time pottering around to drama, comedy or documentaries on the iPlayer.

I watch a lot less tv, but probably listen to the radio for a few hours most days.

SellFridges Sat 10-Oct-15 08:52:50

Not for Radio 3 which I think is quite indulgent in terms of cost, but I would for BBC radio output in general. Radio 3 can stay as long as the rest do.

JimmyGreavesMoustache Sat 10-Oct-15 08:59:18

I think I'd need 6music (roots manuva interview on 6 right now) as well as 3 and 4 for the whole licence fee, but yes, I'd be happy to pay just for BBC radio.

Bakeoffcake Sat 10-Oct-15 09:01:20

I don't listen to Radio 3 but I would certainly pay it just for Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra, live and on the I player. I work from home and spend all flipping between the two.

MiscellaneousAssortment Sat 10-Oct-15 09:02:22

I was coming on to say the same as greenhill. 4extra is great.

A great morning in bed listening to Poirot smile

greenhill Sat 10-Oct-15 09:19:11

Miss Marple with June Whitfield has been fun too. 4 episodes of One Foot in the Grave (made for radio) were on with a documentary about its 25th anniversary with Doreen Mantle (Mrs Warboys) narrating.

Miscellaneous I've made the mistake of listening to Poirot in bed with the lights off, so have fallen asleep to it several times. You'd think that an obscure poison,administered by blow pipe on an aeroplane, would be exciting enough to stay awake for grin

R4 Sat 10-Oct-15 13:55:54

I would quite happily pay the licence fee for just Radio 4, the beeb website and the World Service. And I wouldn't object to some of it going on Radio 3, I suppose.
There is some good TV but it seems few and far between these days.

campion Sat 10-Oct-15 17:56:25

The point about Radio 3 (and 6 Music and 4 Extra) is that they could only exist within the BBC. They may not make commercial sense but enrich and enhance many people's lives-mine included.

Personally, I'd pay more for the licence.It's amazing value.

campion Sat 10-Oct-15 17:57:21


Scoobydoo8 Sat 10-Oct-15 17:57:55

Yes. (Have lived in the USA)

emwithme Sat 10-Oct-15 19:49:44

I would pay my licence fee just for R4 and R4 Extra. R2 would be an added bonus.

(I would add the World Service but I know that's funded differently).

R4 Sat 10-Oct-15 20:02:11

The World Service is part-paid by the licence fee. Since the austerity cuts it no longer gets money from the Foreign Office.

Kennington Sat 10-Oct-15 20:03:11

And CBeebies blush

MarshaBrady Sat 10-Oct-15 20:03:34

For R4 and 6 Music

emwithme Sat 10-Oct-15 20:39:34

Oooh, I didn't know that R4. I'd pay the Licence Fee for the World Service alone.

mangocoveredlamb Sat 10-Oct-15 20:45:36

Yes, just for R4! When I lived in Dublin I missed it so much (it was a while ago and I didn't have internet!)

BoreOfWhabylon Sat 10-Oct-15 21:32:53

I'd pay it for R4 alone.

daisy231 Sat 10-Oct-15 22:05:56

Absolutely. I listen to both daily.

Tiggeryoubastard Sat 10-Oct-15 22:07:45

No. Not at all.

Travelledtheworld Sat 10-Oct-15 23:20:43

Have also lived in the USA and while National Public Radio really tries there is nothing to match the quality of the BBC. I spend most days when I am at home listening to Radio4 and often listen to the World Service during the night.

Enjoy R3 occasionally, maybe once a week.

Jux Sun 18-Oct-15 13:43:42

Just seen this. Yes, I would too.

I don't listen anything like as much as I did before marriage, as dh hates R4' - apparently it's depressing; and he hates R3 because he doesn't like the 'screechy' singing. sadsadsad

JasperDamerel Sun 18-Oct-15 13:47:45

Oh, yes. But also 4 Extra, 6 Music and folk music on R2.

NewToNoContact Sun 18-Oct-15 13:50:07


3littlefrogs Sun 18-Oct-15 13:51:27

Yes. IMO the licence fee is worth every penny and more.

Anyone who disagrees should be forced to spend a year watching American TV, Asian, and (some)European TV. (IMO).

BBC radio is an institution that should be preserved at all costs. It got me through 4 hyperemetic pregnancies when I could barely lift my head from the pillow at times.

I worked in USA for a while and the BBC World Service kept me sane.

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